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Retirement Special Issue

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Succession Planning Strategies: Dos and Don'ts.

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December 2007 Issue | Volume 33 Number 8 | Page 3

From the Editor

News from David J. Bilinsky

Seeds That Will Bear Gold

When you dare to dream
And pursue your dreams with passion...
All things are possible...

Words and Music by Philip Michael Thomas and Sandi Morais

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. Now, what if tomorrow was the first day of your retirement? Looking out from the perspective of that day, what will your retirement look and feel like? How prepared will you be for that journey? More importantly, what can you do now to prepare for it?

In this issue we delve into that golden time called retirement by looking at a host of practical, personal, legal, social and managerial issues that retirement raises. We confront the transition to retirement from many perspectives, all under the leadership of our Special Issue Editor Edward Flitton, an exceptional member of Law Practice's Editorial Board who recently retired as managing partner of Holland and Hart. Ed, with Mary Cranston and Steve Gallagher (who writes our lead story), presented an outstanding program on lawyer retirement at the ABA Annual Meeting this past summer, which served as inspiration for this issue. If these pages are filled with authentic stories and practical ideas, it is owing to Ed's devotion to finding those people who could provide the very best advice to our readers. This issue itself is a testament that retirement can be rewarding, filled with exceptional work and other enjoyments, and enabling you to continue your service to the profession and the community at large.

As we prepared this issue, I was struck with the idea that retirement is not so much a stage in life as it is a time to harvest the seeds you plant years before in preparation for this time. Some of those seeds have obvious names such as "financial security" and "client transition." Other seeds are best described in concepts such as "maintaining health" and "finding purpose." One theme that particularly hit home is that retirement is all about creating possibilities—about allowing us to have more time to pursue those things that bring passion to our lives. This leads to the question: Have we connected enough with our inner selves to know what those things are? The words of Dr. Hans Selye, a noted researcher into stress, come to mind. His advice is to make your avocation your vocation. Retirement finally gives you the opportunity to make a lifetime of your avocation.

Once again, I wish to acknowledge the entire editorial and creative team that has come together to produce this extraordinary issue, including our editors, our writers, ABA staff and the 2007 Law Practice Editorial Advisory Board. Our passion is to provide you with world-class law practice management advice so that you too can plan for a successful and rewarding retirement. When you dare to dream, and pursue your dreams with passion, anything is possible!

About the Editor

David J. Bilinsky , Editor-in-Chief, Law Practice magazine