October 23, 2012

Reliable Law Office Technology: Priceless

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December 2007 Issue | Volume 33 Number 8 | Page 20


Reliable Law Office Technology: Priceless

Every March, thousands flock to ABA TECHSHOW to hear top legal technology experts present on all the hot topics. In "Tidbit" we feature a snippet of sage advice from a presentation, and then post the complete paper at www.techshow.com/bestpapers.

Keep these time frames in mind to achieve a balanced and well-thought-out process for implementing technology.

  • Computers have working parts that will fail on average every three years.
  • Software and operating systems vendors will make yearly changes to their products.
  • A firm can usually survive on a system for up to two to three years before needing to change, unless an application is developed with some key features that warrant an upgrade.
  • You can reasonably decide that you will go to the latest systems that work (not bleeding edge, but just up to date) and stay there for two to three years.

And remember that you must commit to spending the money necessary to get and keep your systems up and running.

TIP: Follow this anagram for steps to take in building your plan.

Use ASSETS to Buy Legal Technology:

A ssess the Needs

S hop for Solutions

S tick to Plans

E valuate the Progress

T weak the Systems

S tart Over Again