October 23, 2012

Embracing Partnership

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Taking Ownership

Practice Building Strategies for New Partners

Thinking like an Owner.

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July/August 2007 Issue | Volume 33 Number 5 | Page 3

From the Editor

Embracing Partnership

“She could be the perfect partner,
She can take it in her stride,
She won’t try to lead or follow,
The perfect partner by your side… ”

—Words and music by Marshall Chapman, Recorded by Jimmy Buffett

From the moment you accept partnership, you realize that your life has forever changed. The old signposts are gone, and you need to find new road markers and new maps to guide you. The tough part is that each situation, each partnership, each practice is different and must involve learning and coping on the fly. The life challenges you are about to face are at least as formidable as those you conquered to attain the partner’s mantel.

To guide you in finding solutions that will work for you, we have called together some excellent minds to give their very best advice on dealing with your new situation and its unknowns. As you will learn when you read the pages in this issue, our experts point out the paths and goals that will be the most productive in your journey toward your future.

In our lead article, David Cruickshank presents an excellent introduction to the critical key in transitioning from associate to partner—learning the art of thinking like an owner. He provides first-rate advice on how that new mind-set should determine how you view the world from this point onward. Janet Moore speaks to solidifying success strategies as a partner, including mastering networking and developing the people skills that will serve you so well. And former chief counsel Barbara D’Amico addresses the most necessary of all new partnership skills—how to start your rainmaking process—from the rare perch of the buyer’s perspective. Her advice is golden.

In addition, leadership specialists Richard Cohen and Valorie Jennings speak to the critical skills involving in building the high-performance teams that will be invaluable in your partnership role. And we have our issue’s Case Study, which plunks you down in the situation of a new partner with four of our experts providing their sage advice.

Certainly not least of all, we also have our regular columnists supporting this wonderful team effort into the multifaceted topic of the young partner. My thanks to them and to the entire editorial team. This magazine truly is a team effort and I am honored at how everyone involved goes well beyond the call of duty.

I am very proud of this issue and I hope it resonates with you, whether you are a young lawyer, new partner or experienced partner trying to remember what it was all like so many years ago.

About the Author

David J. Bilinsky , Editor-in-Chief, Law Practice magazine.