October 23, 2012

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Labor Library

CompuLaw, publisher of calendar and docket software with built-in court rules databases, now includes a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) rules set. The set includes events from Title 29 of the United States Code, Part 101—Statements of Procedure, Part 102–Rules and Regulations and Part 103—Other Rules. These rules, and consequently the entire rules set, provide deadlines for all phases of a case before the NLRB, including the filing of charges, petitions, pleadings, motions, discovery, hearings, appeals and compliance. The rules also cover all types of matters that may be brought before the NLRB.

E-Discovery Indexing

Index Engines' new Enterprise eDiscovery Platform delivers fast and easy access to all corporate data, regardless of where it rests. It is capable of retrieving content directly for backup archive tapes without the need to first restore the data back to disk. Enterprise eDiscovery Platform is an appliance-based offering that collects and prepares data in support of electronic discovery quickly and accurately. Using a patented inline indexing approach, data is indexed at wire speed through connections on a storage area network (SAN), local area network (LAN) or SCSI (attached directly to tape drives) for availability on demand when needed. Index Engines has added offline indexing to extract content from tape without the need to restore it to disk, creating the industry's first truly comprehensive e-discovery platform.

Automated Confidentiality Agreements

Neustel Software's ConfidentialityWizard helps attorneys, businesses and inventors prepare nondisclosure agreements. The software program walks users through the steps of preparing the agreements, allowing them to choose from customized features such as arbitration requirements and deadlines for returning confidential information.

E-Mail Archive Access for Mobile Devices

Mimosa NearPoint now offers live e-mail archive access from a variety of heterogeneous desktop platforms, browsers and mobile devices, including RIM BlackBerry, Windows Mobile 5 and Palm OS-based handheld devices. In addition, Apple Macintosh users can now seamlessly access their Mimosa Archive from within native and third-party mail and Internet browsers. Osterman Research estimates that 41 percent of workplace e-mail users will be using mobile messaging devices by 2009. However, normal e-mail access on mobile devices is usually just a small subset of the users' current e-mail, such as the last 10 days. Mimosa's support for mobile devices allows users to search and access any e-mails across a history of time, including deleted messages, enhancing their productivity.

Web-Based Dispute Resolution

Cybersettle, Inc.'s Cybersettle 6.0 expands the capabilities of previous versions to resolve a greater range of disputes through the Web. The online double-blind settlement system allows insurance adjusters and claimants to work together online to settle small claims, including unrepresented claims and complex multidefendant claims. By allowing direct access between insurance adjusters and claimants, Cybersettle's simple and user-friendly interface empowers both parties to efficiently resolve claims that are often considered too small to warrant attorney representation but are still important to the claimant. Cybersettle 6.0's multidefendant system allows several defendants to collaborate on a single offer to a claimant while negotiating the division of responsibility among themselves. By allowing parallel blind-bidding processes to take place, Cybersettle simplifies an often unnecessarily complex process.

All-in-One Print Options for Small Offices

Hewlett Packard's new Officejet Pro L7000 all-in-one series includes multifunction capabilities and allows users to quickly print documents of up to 12 pages per minute (ppm) black and up to 10 ppm color at laser quality speeds, a measurement established by HP to offer customers a more direct comparison of the print speeds between ink and laser printers using comparable print qualities. And they do this at up to 25 percent lower cost per page than comparable laser printers—as low as 6 cents per color page.