October 23, 2012

Product Watch

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Product Watch

My, What Big Eyes You Have...

Logitech's new QuickCam Ultra Vision webcam has a supersized, five-element glass lens that delivers twice the image clarity of conventional webcams, making video calling more true to life than ever before. Logitech's RightLight2 technology provides highest-quality images regardless of your lighting, and RightSound gives clear, echo-free audio. The better to both see and hear you with, my dear.

Next-Generation Digital Dictation

Royal Philips Electronics' Digital Pocket Memo handheld recorder has been completely redesigned with three smart buttons similar to those on a mobile phone and a new ergonomic display that is the largest available. New technology now allows dictation to be automatically encrypted in real-time, as it is being recorded. Other security features include a user PIN used to activate the device and a personal user keyword that allows IT staff to override the lock-out mode. The recorder can be placed into a LAN docking station, allowing dictation to be automatically uploaded to a local area network without a PC connection. Plus, the battery can be USB quick-charged in less than 2.5 hours, eliminating the need to carry docking stations or power supplies when working remotely. The Pocket Memo is fully compatible with existing desktop transcription systems.

Enhanced Legal Graphics

SmartDraw 2007 Release 8.1—the latest version of the business graphics program—delivers enhanced flowcharting and mind-mapping capabilities, improved graphics functionality, and supports Tablet PC computing and Microsoft Vista. With SmartDraw, anyone can create professional-quality business graphics such as flowcharts, org charts, Gantt charts, timelines and floor plans in minutes. Feature enhancements include an auto-insert feature that makes it easier to create flowcharts—connector lines automatically redraw themselves when objects are inserted or deleted within the chart, saving time and boosting productivity. In addition, a new Mind Mapping SmartPanel command set encourages "organized brainstorming," allowing users to add details and ideas to their mind maps with a click of a mouse. Graphics have been greatly improved as well, and SmartDraw's fully customizable graphics libraries have been expanded with new calendars, templates and examples. A free trial is available.

Highlighter Pen Reinvented for the Web

i-Lighter, Inc. has reinvented the highlighter pen for the digital age via its free i-Lighter software. Easily integrated into Internet Explorer and Firefox, the i-Lighter lets users mark online content—text, tables, images and more—as effortlessly as stroking it with a highlighter pen. Once it is marked, information is automatically stored securely online so it can be accessed later from any location . i-Lighter leverages the power of the PC to save, organize, contextualize and forward content as quickly as it can be read. It can be downloaded from the i-Lighter Web site.

Rechargeable Keyboard

The Logitech diNovo Edge is Logitech's first rechargeable keyboard. The keyboard features an integrated touch-sensitive navigation and scrolling panel and includes embedded Bluetooth wireless technology.

Analysis of Large Evidentiary Data Collections

Cataphora's C-Analytics software addresses the formidable challenges attorneys and regulatory officials often face when attempting to see the big picture in significant matters involving large organizations. This suite of advanced statistical, mathematical and linguistic techniques provides sophisticated analysis of the behavior and communication patterns, within or across organizations, of the people who are involved in a matter. It does so by scrutinizing e-mails, electronic documents and communication records from the organization's computer network. Like trying to see the whole forest when standing in the midst of the trees, the overall picture is very hard to discern when confronted by the huge volumes of electronic data typically encountered in large- scale matters. It may be even more difficult to uncover the specific evidence that will serve to support—or undermine—a particular theory of the case. These are precisely the issues that C-Analytics is designed to address. Results are presented in the form of readily understandable graphics and reports that can vividly illustrate the most important patterns in the data—and deviations from these patterns—and pinpoint where the most significant evidentiary data is likely to be found. C-Analytics can also point out the suspicious absence of relevant data.

All-in-One Litigation Software

Verdict Systems, the maker of Sanction trial presentation software, has launched Verdical litigation software‚ an all-in-one litigation support, transcript management and trial presentation tool. Uniting the best-in-class capabilities and features for trial presentation of Sanction II, as well as a variety of new tools, Verdical allows litigators and support staff to store and manipulate case databases online, manage documents and transcripts, and organize and present cases at trial. Verdical also inherits the Sanction legacy of easy-to-use, intuitive and comprehensive multimedia tools. With extensive SQL-based data storage and online capabilities, Verdical also includes a host of new presentation and organizational features such as Lectern, a dual monitor control; Centrifuge, a new production set creator; and Transcript Viewer, which enables viewing video clips, color-coded issues, and all other aspects of a transcript.

Practice and Financial Management Upgrade

Thomson Elite has released version 11.6 of ProLaw, its integrated practice and financial management software. Enhancements make it simpler for users to organize the constant flow of information that comes across their desktops and file it to specific matters and clients. New features help the lawyer more easily capture billable time and quickly assess financial situations for any client or matter. The Pro Filing feature now helps users link tasks, contacts, e-mail, e-mail attachments and appointments to relevant clients and matters directly from Microsoft Outlook, and keep them synchronized with ProLaw automatically. Outlook, Word and PDF files can be Pro Filed with the click of a button, without leaving the application. To assist with capturing and managing billable time, users can create and manage multiple time entries by automatically maintaining a running list—and users can capture time by starting and stopping the clock for entries listed.


[ESI Compliance] Orchestria Legal Hold is a solution that enables U.S. businesses to comply with the latest guidelines set forth in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) pertaining to Electronically Stored Information (ESI). Orchestria automates the collection and detection of messages subject to preservation. It is able to categorize, tag and cull millions of electronic messages that are already in archives, as well as future messages relayed across multiple electronic messaging systems, and dynamically segregate these into a legal hold repository. Legal Hold applies initial case tags to all potentially relevant messages and sets those to "do not delete" within the legal hold repository. Additionally, it automates the notification, reporting and tracking of legal hold notices by custodian and provides a documented and repeatable process designed for defensibility.

[ONLINE CASE MANAGEMENT] Skyline Legal Technologies, a leader in document management and comprehensive litigation support services, has released e-CaseRoom, a customized electronic litigation support tool. e-CaseRoom offers collaborative, Web-hosted case management in addition to native file review and other tools for effectively managing litigation projects. Inherent in the design of e-CaseRoom is the flexibility to accommodate the needs of every unique case. e-CaseRoom has been utilized by Skyline clients for select cases over the past year, and has consistently received very positive responses. The tool incorporates not only the technology required to manage today's litigation cases, but comprehensive national project management and consultative services as well.

[BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT UPGRADE] Thomson Elite has expanded Elite Business Development (EBD) to include additional integration features. EBD provides the only fully integrated suite of software designed for the marketing and business development needs of law firms. Enhancements to the E-mail Marketing and Alumni Site modules within the Elite Web Center online marketing software, along with new features in EBD's Proposal Generator, will improve law firms' abilities to communicate and cultivate relationships with key audiences. E-mail Marketing now allows marketers to build sophisticated HTML templates, select content from the Web site database and quickly post e-mail archives to the firm's Web site. When used with mini-sites, event pages and blogs, E-mail Marketing offers a highly measurable and effective communication channel. Alumni Site now allows firms to develop a highly customized, firm-branded and content-rich Alumni Web site. Proposal Generator has been enhanced to allow users to work natively within Microsoft Word, select content from the proposal database and add content directly to the RFP template a potential client provides. The new functionality not only decreases response time but also ensures that RFPs contain approved firm content. www.thomsonelite.com