October 23, 2012

Law Firm Strategy

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Law Firm Strategy

How to Ask for the Business: Phrases to help you—comfortably—close your next deal.

By Patrick J. McKenna

A top fear shared by all of us is having to ask for the business, even if we know we can meet a prospective client's need. "I don't want to appear too pushy," confessed one lawyer. Often, it's just a simple matter of the appropriate wording. Here are some phrases that might help you comfortably close your next deal.


· "We would be honored to work with you on this matter. What will it take to get started?"

· "You mentioned that you needed to move on this and that time was of some importance. Does that mean you would like us to begin today?"

· "Now that we both have a better feel for what I can do for you and how we might approach this situation, shall we get started?"

· "It looks like we have created the right solution for what you need, and we can do this within a reasonable budget. Are you ready to move forward?"

· "If you don't have any further questions, there's just one left for me to ask of you: When should we start?"

· "You said you would like to have these agreements in place by the end of this month. Working backwards, that gives us only two weeks to get all the parties to meet, so I'd recommend starting on Tuesday. Does that work with your schedule, or would you rather begin on Monday?"

Remember, asking for the business is the natural conclusion of having a solution to your prospect's problem. All you have to do is (1) say so and (2) ask when you can get started.