October 23, 2012

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How Do You Get Inspired?


Law Practice Magazine — Table of Contents


Law Firm Mavericks Go for Broke: Traditional Thinkers Need Not Apply

In most law firms, the path to innovation is beset with booby traps and dead ends, and any improvements seem to move a centimeter at a time. Impatient with the usual pace of change? Then consider a more radical approach. It's called business innovation. To inspire your thinking, here's a spotlight on four firms with wildly creative ideas about what succeeding in the business of law means.
By Merrilyn Astin Tarlton


Why Do Law Firms Resist Innovation? 10 Reasons

It's not just your imagination, innovating in the legal world is hard. An observer offers typical causes for the resistance to change, based on his two decades in the market.
By Ron Friedmann


Solo Creativity: 10 Tricks That Lead to New Ideas

Tackling a client need or business problem can seem much easier in a group meeting, where there are others to help create ideas. But the truth is, each of us can be creative all on our own. Here are exercises to help new ideas emerge when you're working solo.
By Andrew Eklund


Innovation in Practice: Why It's So Hard

Law firms introduce new services for clients all the time. But those are external, service-based innovations. When it comes to internally focused, institutional innovation-changes in the way a practice is managed-firms face unique barriers. After conducting a recent study on law firm innovation, an expert shares his insights on the barriers-along with four keys to increasing innovation success.

By Eric Mankin


Koestler's Law: The Act of Discovering Creativity--And How to Apply It in Your Law Practice

Koestler's Law isn't part of a statute or a law of physics. Rather, it's a law of behavior-and it's about creativity. Like all good laws, it provides insight into a fundamental principle while providing a framework that guides decision making and action. You can use it to discover ideas in a systematic way.

By Dennis Sherwood



Column Spotlight: Technology Profile

Who Is ... Sabrina Pacifici?

Meet the prolific founder of LLRX.com and the beSpacific blog-standard-bearers for online content in the law.
By Mark Tamminga


Hot Buttons

The New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: An ESI Primer

Here's a fast and dirty crib sheet on key points of the new FRCP amendments relating to electronic evidence.
By Sharon Nelson and John Simek



Office Suites Online: Cost-Saving Productivity Solutions

If you're seeking ways to save money on productivity software, these online options are worth a look.
By Rick Klau


Tips and Tricks

Gaga for Google, Two: More Ways to Make Magic

Google is much more than a search engine. You can use it as a phone book, a currency converter, the ultimate library and a whole bunch of other things that will help you with all sorts of daily tasks.
By Dan Pinnington




Small Change: Starter Innovations to Improve Your Fishing Catch

Want to get creative with your financial strategy? Try starting with the intake meeting and your fee agreement.
By David Bilinsky and Laura Calloway



Using Search Firms in Your Recruitment Strategy

Advice on getting the most from the search process.
By Marcia Pennington Shannon



Developing a Marketing Budget: Dollars and Sense

How to create a budgeting process that matches your firm's marketing goals.
By Sally J. Schmidt