October 23, 2012


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5 Firms Innovative Marketing Strategies


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Rainmaking: Rewriting the Rules

The legal market is changing all the time. New laws create new clients constantly. Yet few firms understand how to turn this to their advantage-to create whole new practice areas and serve whole new markets.
By Steven T. Taylor
Plus: “Resources for Women Rainmakers,” by Christine Baker, and “What Makes a Winning Web Site?” by Micah Buchdahl

You've Never Seen Anyone Like Allison Margolin: Could YouTube Be for You, Too?

With the Internet and sites like YouTube, anyone can make a video available, instantly and at little or no cost, to anyone in the world. Lawyer Allison Margolin’s video is half commercial and half documentary. It is also a great example of viral marketing, delivering a self-targeting marketing message directly to a very specific demographic.
By Peter Darling


Media Matters: How to Become a Highly Quotable Source

Persistence pays off when waging an expertise campaign. Here are the essentials for how to get quoted frequently in the press.
By David M. Freedman and Paula Levis Suita
Plus: “Writing Letters to the Editor: Tips for Mastering This Underrated Business Development Technique”

It's No Time to Be Ho-Hum: How Are You Going to Focus on Your Clients This Holiday Season?

Don’t write off December for business development. Follow these tips for making the most of your holiday contact with current and prospective clients this year.

By Sara Holtz



Column Spotlight: Technology Profile

Who Is ... Dennis Kennedy?

In every issue, Law Practice's Technology Editor talks with the gurus who are shaping legal technology to learn their stories and ask their views on where we're headed. In this issue, lawyer, consultant and blogger Dennis Kennedy.
By Mark Tamminga


Hot Buttons

Cool Tools for Lawyers

A potpourri of favorite items that even technophobes can learn to enjoy.
By Sharon Nelson and John Simek



A Static Web 1.0 or a Dynamic Web 2.0-Which Will It Be?

Thriving on the new iteration of the Web requires keeping pace with the times.
By Erik J. Heels


Tips and Tricks

Gaga for Google, Part One: Making Your Search Results More Magical

By sharpening how you present your search terms, you can improve your results.
By Dan Pinnington




Compensation Systems: For the Love of Money or the Mission of the Firm?

Guidance for developing or modifying your firm's compensation plan.
By David Bilinsky and Laura Calloway



Getting the Most from Your Time by Working Effectively with Others

Advice on communicating clearly, delegating effectively and managing upward.
By Marcia Pennington Shannon



Staying Ahead of the Curve: Tracking the Trends

How to stay out in front of your clients and the marketplace.
By Susan Saltonstall Duncan