October 23, 2012

Law Practice Magazine — Table of Contents

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Law Practice Magazine — Table of Contents


Seeking Out New Markets: Tapping into Client Trends for New Business and Bigger Profits

The legal market is changing all the time. New laws create new clients constantly. Yet few firms understand how to turn this to their advantage-to create whole new practice areas and serve whole new markets.
Plus: "Foreseeing Technology's March Opens Brave New Fronts" with Robert D. Brownstone and "Connecting the Dots Reveals a Straight Line to New Clients" with David Spector
By Peter Darling


Law Practice Roundtable

Experts Talk Trends in Law Firm Marketing

What's hot in lawyer marketing? What are the top firms doing that you're not? What should law firms know about legal marketers? Ross Fishman, Lisa Dutton, Terri Pepper Gavulic and Nathaniel Slavin put their heads together to discuss tips, trends and traumas.
Plus: Merrilyn Astin Tarlton reports "Hot Trends: Developing New Business"
Ross Fishman, Facilitator


Legal Technology Trends

Each year, the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC) surveys ABA members about their use of technology. Here are a few of the highlights from the 2006 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report.


Law Practice Roundtable

Experts Talk Trends in Lawyer Management

How do law firms develop and motivate highly talented people? Professional development and management experts Marcia Pennington Shannon, Stephen Armstrong, Susan G. Manch and Anita Zigman pull out the stops to offer insights into the trends in lawyer management.
Marcia Pennington Shannon, Facilitator




Raising Revenue versus Cutting Costs: It's Only Horse Sense

What can horse tales teach us about law firm finance? Plenty. Especially if lawyers in your firm don't get the difference between slashing expenses and raising revenue.
By David Bilinsky and Laura Calloway



Aligning Marketing Materials with Business Development

Seven steps for developing more effective, better targeted materials.
By Sally J. Schmidt



Moving from Crisis to Control: Reclaiming Time through Systems Management

Organization and systems management is the second building block in taking control of your time.
By Marcia Pennington Shannon



Writing Clear and Effective Legal Prose

Lesson three: When to use the passive.
By George D. Gopen



Who is...

Reba Nance Q&A

Topflight technology tips from the Colorado Bar Association's director of law practice management and risk management.
By Mark Tamminga


Hot Buttons

E-Filing in the Federal Courts Approaches the Finish Line

An update on the CM/ECF's progress.
By Sharon Nelson and John Simek



The Wi-Fi Alternative: Wireless Broadband for Access Anywhere, Anytime

There's a better way than paying too much to access Wi-Fi hotspots.
By Rick Klau


Technology Tips and Tricks

All Features Great and Small: Enlarging Windows Navigation Elements

Bigger monitors are a good thing. Enlarging buttons and scroll bars can make them a great thing.
By Dan Pinnington