October 23, 2012

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Say so long to your comfort zone.
What you need to know
about managing the multigenerational law firm.

June 2006 Issue | Volume 32 Number 4
Law Practice Magazine — Table of Contents


  • Closing the Generation Gap: Managing the Multigenerational Firm

  • How you manage the issues presented by multigenerationalism will be critical to your firm's future. The first step is to understand the nature, and the scope, of the challenge. Here's what law firm leaders need to know to avoid a cultural divide in the microsociety known as the law firm.
    By Nancy R. Peppard
  • Leading a Different Generation: Maybe the Play Is the Thing

  • Young lawyers want more structure, professional development and specific work assignments-and it might, in part, result from how they played as kids. The partners' challenge is in finding ways to keep them in the game.
    By Karen MacKay
  • Bridging the Divide in Client Relations

  • Combine regional and world events, economic ups and downs, the advent of pervasive technology and other factors with differences between individual personalities. The result of it all can be a source of unexpected conflict between lawyer and client.
    By Julia Hayhoe and Richard S. Cohen


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