October 23, 2012

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Tech Experts' Tips for Cutting Back
(and What No Lawyer Should Do Without)

April/May 2006 Issue | Volume 32 Number 3
Law Practice Magazine — Table of Contents


Technology Roundtable

  • Blog 2.0: The Next Stage of Lawyer Blogging

  • What's in, what's out and what’s coming in the world of law-related Weblogs? Here's the inside story, straight from some of the best lawyer bloggers on the "Net".
    By Tom Mighell
    • Plus: “ Starting Your Blog: Some Tools to Use.”

Speaking With Authority

  • Law Firm Administrators Forum: What the Managing Partner Doesn’t Know Could Hurt You

  • In leading their firms, managing partners have to focus on so many day-to-day needs—keeping the enterprise aloft, finding work, doing an excellent job for clients, managing people and seeing that enough drops to the bottom line to satisfy constituents—that it’s often hard to focus on the future. Four experienced law firm directors share insights on guiding the firm to where it should be, or wants to be, in coming years.
    John A. Cummens, Forum Organizer

NEW! Technology Directory

  • Law Practice Magazine’s Guide to ABA TECHSHOW 2006

  • More than 100 of the world’s premier legal technology providers convene annually in Chicago for ABA TECHSHOW®. Here, in an easy-to-access format, we present Law Practice’s first ABA TECHSHOW products and services directory.



Who Is...

  • Ron Staudt Q&A

  • For three decades, this pioneer has promoted technology in legal education and law practice.
    By Mark Tamminga

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