October 23, 2012

Law Practice Magazine

March 2006

Volume 32 Number 2 | PAGE: 9 | BY: Law Practice


There may be a sound reason for that. A Web-based study released by marketing communications firm PARTNERS+simons found that more than half-56 percent-of the top 200 U.S. law firms use some shade of blue as the primary color in their graphic identities or logos. Fewer than 20 percent see red. Why do so many of these firms choose blue? "Part of the answer might be that blue is known to be a 'low-arousal' color, one that communicates calm," says Tom Simons, the study's author. "Blue also is associated with royalty and authority." On the other hand, the 17 percent who choose shades of red may know that this "adrenaline lifting" color suggests excitement, action and aggression. What about the other colors? Only 7 percent employ a shade of gray, a scant 5 percent use green and only two law firms have selected brown-the most down-to-earth choice, according to Simons. What about you? Quick! Pull out your business card and check what your color choices might be telling prospective clients about how you see yourself. Then turn to this issue's feature articles for more information about marketing your services.

Brighter Forecast

Time for an identity makeover? In 2006 colors will be warmer, clearer and brighter, according to the Color Marketing Group. Trends include reddened oranges replacing coppery hues; yellows gaining importance; complex neutrals adding a touch of luxury and sophistication; and blues dramatically receding.