October 23, 2012

Law Practice Magazine

March 2006

Volume 32 Number 2 | PAGE: 36 | BY: Bob Weiss


Bob Weiss responds:

Look at the files you have handled over the past 24 months. What industry that most interests you was involved in one or more of those files? Join and become active in that industry’s national trade association and your state’s local chapter of it, angling particularly for opportunities to give speeches, get spots on panel presentations and write pieces for their membership publications.

The reason: Surveys show that general counsels, executives and business owners prefer to hire lawyers who are familiar with their businesses. It’s a marketing advantage to speak and understand an industry’s jargon. Develop that advantage and market it to your targets.

Bob Weiss is President of Alyn-Weiss Public Relations/Marketing in Denver and has been writing marketing plans and helping firms implement them for more than 20 years.