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Slow Down

Living life in fast-forward? Rediscovering the brake pedal in a world addicted to speed.



Slow Down

Do you miss the time you once had to think rather than react? In this issue of Law Practice, we explore and extol the slow.
By Merrilyn Astin Tarlton


In Praise of Slowness

Around the globe people are exploring ways to put on the brakes. Is it possible to slow down in a world addicted to speed—without giving up your career or joining a commune? This chronicler of the new Slow Movement says yes.
By By Carl Honore

Included in this article:

  • A Life in Balance by Stephen J. Harhai
  • Sounds of Silence by Martha Fay Africa
  • Free to Be Family-Friendly by Erik J. Heels
  • Be Here Now by Ann Lee Gibson
  • When the Clock Never Stops by Jordan Furlong
  • In Touch with My Inner Speed-Freak by G. Burgess Allison
  • How Do I Slow Down? Practical Tips for Reducing the Speed of Your Life
  • Taming the Idea Swarm by Stephanie West Allen
  • 10 Days Where the World Is Slow by John Tredennick, Jr.
  • At Trial: The Trail to the Story That Transcends by Dale K. Perdue
  • Soothing Meetings by Gerald A. Riskin
  • Letting in the New by Stewart Levine


Putting Relaxation Back into Firm Retreats: Loosening Up the Lawyer Mind

Progressive law firms are making their annual retreats more engaging and productive through creative use of relaxation. From paintball to horse whispering, play and leisure can foster collaboration, strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. Plus: “A Home Run for Lateral Integration," "Gliding to New Perspectives at 10,000 Feet" and "Inspired by the Wonder of Poetry."
By Janet Ellen Raasch


Column Spotlight: Rainmaking

Finding and Keeping the Clients You Like

Surveys continue to show that many in the legal profession are not especially satisfied with the work they do or the clients they serve. All clients are not created equal! Channel your energies toward those most apt to provide you with the greatest satisfaction and long-term success. You will find yourself enjoying your professional life more. Here's advice on how to get there.
By Susan Saltonstall Duncan



Just the Stats, Please: Software and Services That Help Gauge Results

Tools for determining if you have the right marketing mix.
By Rick Klau


Hot Buttons

Electronic Discovery Has Come of Age: What Will It Mean for Your Practice?

If you thought small firms could avoid e-discovery, think again.
By Sharon Nelson and John Simek


Tips & Tricks

Excel at Excel: Some Favorite How-Tos

For crunching numbers and manipulating data, what is better than spreadsheets?
By Dan Pinnington



Peter Bensinger, Jr. Q&A

Inside the mind of a wired-up litigator.
By Mark Tamminga


Product Watch

New Products. Neat Tools. Fun Finds.




Fly Like an Eagle: Linking Spreadsheets for Greater Insights

Analyzing profitability rates to enable decisions based on hard data.
By David Bilinsky and Laura Calloway



Exit Interviews: Learning from Departing Employees

Here's a step-by-step guide to making the most of the exit interview process.
By Marcia Pennington Shannon


The Blogger Diaries

Making Midcourse Adjustments

Andrew Ewalt makes a few midcourse adjustments.
By Larry Bodine