October 23, 2012

Product Watch

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Product Watch

Friendly New Smart Phones

Palm, Inc. recently unveiled the Palm Treo 680 smart phone, a GSM/GPRS/EDGE quad-band world phone, geared toward media-savvy, entertainment-oriented consumers. Features include e-mail, Web browsing, messaging, multimedia and a calendar. The Treo 680 uses the Palm operating system, similar to the popular Palm 700 (but with a lower price), and is designed for GSM-cell networks. It comes with new picture and video software, a camera with video-recording capabilities, and software for handling MP3s, streaming audio, Internet radio and podcasts. The Treo 680 offers a choice of colors—crimson, copper, arctic white and graphite.


Research In Motion has launched the BlackBerry Pearl, a feature-rich smart phone designed to be remarkably small and easy to use. Measuring 4.2 x 1.97 x .57 inches and weighing 3.1 ounces, the Pearl is a quad-band GSM/GPRS and EDGE-enabled mobile application. For the first time, the built-in 64MB flash memory is expandable with a MicroSD card. Phone features include speaker-independent voice recognition for voice-activated dialing (VAD), support for polyphonic, MP3 and MIDI ring tones, and intuitive call management features such as smart dialing, conference calling, speed dialing and call forwarding. In addition, e-mail features include synchronized access to both personal and corporate e-mail accounts with attachment viewing and the ability to manage multiple accounts while on the go. The Pearl also comes with an enhanced version of RIM’s SureType QWERTY keypad technology and BlackBerry Maps. The Pearl’s 1.3 megapixel digital camera includes built-in flash and 5x digital zoom. Multimedia capabilities include a media player and stereo headset jack.


Speedy (Painless) Data Backup and Disaster Recovery for Firms and Individuals

CMS Products, Inc., has released its Velocity2 Series, the newest in CMS’s data backup and disaster recovery products. The Velocity2 system is designed as a premium solution providing fast and easy-to-use redundant data backup and disaster recovery for small to medium firms. The Velocity2 system is offered in a two-bay RAID configuration totaling up to 1.5 terabytes (TB) with support for both USB2.0 and eSATA interfaces. The Velocity2 supports RAID 0 and RAID 1. The two-drive solution is available in 500GB, 1.0TB and1.5TB capacities. With the new Velocity2 product, firms have the ability to quickly and reliably back up large amounts of data while taking advantage of blazingly fast transfer rates. Hot-swap technology allows users to prepare drives for redundant off-site storage and its mirroring feature allows super-fast rebuilding of the backup drive. The Velocity2 Series is powered by the award-winning BounceBack Professional software. CMS Products provides complete portable and desktop computer data backup and recovery solutions (as well as RAID systems) ranging from 20 gigabytes to up to 2.5 terabytes of capacity.


Software Compliance Management

Black Duck Software has a major new release of its protexIP/development system. protexIP/development 4.0 addresses the needs of law firms and other organizations concerned with the protection of software intellectual policy and proper use of open source software. The protexIP platform creates a new work environment that helps to effectively manage increasingly complex software IP and licensing issues and can manage component licenses throughout the entire application development process and for all affected parties, including developers, attorneys and managers. By validating software contents, finding and addressing issues early in the development cycle, or well in advance of a due diligence event, and verifying license compliance, the protexIP platform helps companies reduce business risks, complete software projects on time and on budget, and stay on track with their business plans. Version 4.0 includes a new graphical user interface based on AJAX, a streamlined visual work flow, an obligation checklist that speeds the compliance management process, “Precision” code-matching technology that increases user productivity, and a separately packaged software development kit. Because software license compliance is a process that involves, at a minimum, legal counsel as well as software development, the protexIP platform provides enhanced views that are tailored to each separate audience.


Disposable E-mail Addresses

With Anonymizer’s Nyms program, users can instantly create anonymous, disposable e-mail addresses to protect their personal accounts against spam and the digital threats that arrive with spam: viruses, worms, spyware, adware, phishing scams and more. Nyms protects customers’ real e-mail addresses with anonymous, disposable ones. By creating a Nyms e-mail address every time an e-mail address is required, users are able to control incoming mail. Nyms redirects all incoming e-mail to a user’s primary address—an easier alternative to creating second, third or fourth e-mail accounts that have to be checked daily. Additionally, users can identify exactly where spam is being initiated. When a user determines that an e-mail address has been shared with spammers, they can deactivate that Nyms account and stop the spam from flooding their in-box. Nyms can be downloaded for an annual subscription fee at the Anonymizer site. It is also available in the new Anonymizer Safe Surfing Suite, which includes the Anonymous Surfing, Digital Shredder and Anti-Spyware programs.


Off-the-Shelf Document Management Solution for the Paperless, Small Law Office

Easy Data Access has released the Professional Edition of Docsvault document management software, to help individual professionals and small firms more effectively organize, manage and secure paper and data files. With the Professional Edition, users receive feature-rich document management software, plus an ensemble of business applications such as integrated scanning, PDF creation and electronic file conversion. One-click CD/DVD burning, along with full data-backup settings, offers protection against data loss and a painless document retention solution. Features also include128-bit file encryption security; Microsoft Office and Outlook integration; password and information manager; unique task management system; multiple-tab browsing of cabinets and folders; custom property and profile assignment to files and folders; version control and audit trailing.


Product News

[WEB-HOSTED evidence management]

CaseLogistix, Inc., a leading provider of evidence and litigation management software, and iQwestIT, a litigation support and document hosting company, have launched CaseQwest, a hosted application service provider (ASP) release of the CaseLogistix evidence management desktop software. CaseQwest allows law firms and corporate legal departments to apply the power of CaseLogistix and iQwest to the review and litigation process immediately, with no server or software installation. CaseQwest, a hybrid of desktop and hosted ASP, provides firms with a streamlined approach to work flow, distinctively based on how attorneys share and access case information. While initial reviews, document categorizations and file sharing can be performed in the secure-hosted CaseQwest environment, once litigation matures and documents become “known,” all active litigation may be moved into the CaseLogistix desktop.



Esquire Innovations, Inc., has released iDocID, a document identity stamping software tool that provides integration between Microsoft Word, Excel and other document management systems by automating the insertion of a document ID. To quickly access a document, it is desired that the document’s ID be displayed on the printed copy, typically in the footer. iDocID eases the administration of document stamping by automating the insertion process across various document sources. iDocID provides centralized administration for establishing default behavior for IDs—for example, placement, format, elements and frequency. The program offers flexible ID placement and does not overwrite existing footer information. iDocID can be purchased stand-alone or as part of the iOffice System product suite, which includes iCreate, iScrub and iRedline, document comparison software. 



From emerging economies to outsourcing, the Market Research Reports available via Thomson Business Intelligence feature the latest financial information from around the world, with hundreds of new reports each month covering banking, insurance, real estate and more. The new product helps users track competitors’ products, strategies and initiatives; conduct market-share studies; evaluate potential market opportunities; and learn what industry experts are saying about their businesses. Available documents include research reports from top syndicated providers, economic analyses and forecasts from around the globe, financial reports on more than 11,500 public and private companies, concise briefings on industries and countries, and articles from specialized research and industry journals. Featuring more than 250,000 reports from over 170 information providers, Market Research promises to help users understand changing market dynamics and support strategic decision making.