October 23, 2012

Product Watch

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Digital Voice and Image Recorder

Sony's ICD-CX50 visual voice recorder is an ingenious little device that combines a 256MB flash memory digital voice recorder with a 1.2-megapixel camera. You can record audio and capture images simultaneously, and the information will be saved into a synchronized file. It's a great work tool for recording meetings, lectures and interviews, but also useful for travelers and homeowners (for home inspections, insurance documentation, etc.). The device features a 1.2-inch color LCD, rechargeable battery and 4X digital zoom. The 256MB flash memory allows for up to 4,000 photos or up to 93 hours of recording time. The STLP recording mode offers a longer recording time while maintaining 2-channel recording, while the Digital Voice-Up function increases the volume of the person speaking when recorded at a distance from the unit.



Next-Level CRM Tool

Client Profiles' new Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Legal (CRM for Legal) is a client relationship management system for law practices based on Microsoft Corp.'s new Dynamics CRM business platform. CRM for Legal provides all of the tools and capabilities needed to create and easily maintain a clear picture of client relationships from first contact through business development activities, ongoing marketing initiatives and long-term relationship building. The user experience is designed to be a natural extension of Microsoft Office and Outlook, providing a familiar and intuitive work environment that fosters user adoption and productivity. Features designed exclusively for law practices make it easy to access information about matters, matter-related relationships and law-related needs, including: integrated matter-centric views that enable users to view matter-related information, related roles, activities, notes and attachments from a single screen; law relationship connections, which allow firms to view the relationships, associations and connections between clients, parties and others; and an at-a-glance business scorecard that let firms "grade" the performance of their business development activities from a single screen. Plus, a practice area console allows firms to customize their desktops with data that is relevant to their practice areas.



Enhanced Evidence Management

The latest version of CaseLogistix, Inc.'s evidence management software offers new enhanced international language support, offline capabilities and transcript support. Key international features in CaseLogistix Version 4.2 include Unicode compliance, which allows users to view, index and search documents in Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Thai and Turkish, plus a localization feature that allows CaseLogistix screens, fields and labels to be translated based on local language preferences. New OCR capability allows users to right-click on a TIFF document and perform OCR on the fly to make the image searchable. And, based on numerous client feedback sessions, version 4.2 now includes vital transcript manipulation features. Major transcript file formats such as .TRN, .PTF, .PDF, .TIFF and ASCII can be added via drag-and-drop and are converted on the fly for redacting, annotating and excerpting into notes.



On-Demand Document Exchange and Review

OnSite E-Discovery has launched DXR, a Web-based on-demand document exchange and review tool. DXR provides instant upload, advanced search capabilities, instantaneous native or image document retrieval, extensive culling, filtering, tagging and review capabilities of electronic documents. The tool allows firms to self-load documents and self-administer users and repositories—this eliminates the typical project start-up delays. Highlights include Instant Access, which allows administrators to go directly to their private DXR portal and load documents that are instantly full-text searchable and ready for review. Once documents are loaded, users can post comments, edit, annotate, share and collaborate without delay. DXR's security matrix gives administrators direct access to a security mechanism with eight customizable levels of security, where they can set up access rights at the individual user level.



New Era of Enhanced PDFs for Law Firms

Adobe's Acrobat 8 product line helps legal professionals initiate, manage and organize ad hoc collaboration by creating and sharing documents; combining multiple files into a single, polished Adobe PDF document; managing and organizing feedback to expedite document collaboration; working with forms; and controlling document access. The Acrobat product line has been enhanced to help meet the legal profession's requirements for information sharing in a number of ways.

  • New functionality allows users to permanently redact sensitive text, images, metadata and other information in a PDF document.
  • New Bates Numbering allows consecutive numbering across hundreds of individual documents.
  • New one-button export functions accurately convert PDF documents to Microsoft Word and other formats.
  • Review initiators can enable users of free Adobe Reader 8 software to participate in shared reviews using intuitive Acrobat commenting tools.

In addition, Adobe Reader 8 users can now electronically fill out, digitally sign and locally save an electronic form and its data. An enhanced interface lets users quickly choose the task or tool they need so they can get the job done. The Acrobat software family consists of Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional; Acrobat 8 Standard; Acrobat 8 Elements; Acrobat 3D, Version 8; Adobe Reader 8; and now Acrobat Connect and Acrobat Connect Professional. 



New Collaboration Tools

Adobe's new Acrobat Connect and Acrobat Connect Professional make it easier than ever for legal professionals to have their own, "always-on" personal meeting rooms where they can easily communicate and collaborate via real-world, interactive Web conferencing. With the Acrobat Connect product line, users can hold live online meetings and share a wide range of rich content, including presentations, documents, live and recorded video, live screen sharing, application sharing, audio and multiuser text chat. Acrobat Connect solutions address the main problems overlooked by traditional collaboration and Web conferencing solutions: The nature of collaboration is free-form, often spontaneous, and increasingly occurs with people outside the organization such as clients and partners. Acrobat Connect and Acrobat Connect Professional are both deployed using the Adobe Flash Player, already installed on more than 97 percent of computers worldwide, so legal professionals can connect instantly—without the need to download software, regardless of their operating system or browser versions.



Expanded Calendaring Coverage

CompuLaw, publisher of the Vision calendar/docket software with built-in court rules databases, has released 50 new Domestic Trademark Rules databases and has added new jurisdictions to its court rules databases for Pennsylvania, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Delaware, Tennessee, New York, Louisiana and California. In addition, CompuLaw has released a collection of calendaring rules for attorneys that use the Rules of Practice and Procedure for State Trademark Registrations and Renewals. The package includes separate rule sets for all 50 states. It utilizes Vision software's advanced features, including Case Summary, which enables calendaring and monitoring of dates as well as tracking of trademark data. The new rules package includes Jurisdiction Summary Reports, which list the trademark filing and renewal requirements for each state as well as convenient links to relevant Web sites. Vision is a full-featured application for Windows and is available in MS SQL and MSDE versions. It integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Novell GroupWise, Lotus Notes and the CompuLaw Vision Web Portal. 



Laptop Connection Manager

Avanquest's BVRP Connection Manager manages all of your laptop's network connections—whether you're at the office, home or the airport. It stores your specific network settings and connects you to the Internet via wireless networks, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, LAN, GPRS, UMTS, Bluetooth and others. When no wireless connection is available, the device uses your cell phone as a modem to connect online. Key features include a Network Connection Wizard that automatically detects available networks and uses your stored profiles to get you online; a Memorize Network Settings feature that stores network settings for locations that you connect to on a regular basis; and security features that provide Internet and confidential data access from any location. The product comes in Lite and Pro versions.

www.bvrp.com or www.avanquest.com


Product News

[instant messaging]

Jabber, Inc. has released JabberNow 1.1, the first major upgrade of its enterprise instant messaging (EIM) appliance, which was launched in late 2005. In less than 15 minutes, JabberNow deploys secure instant messaging that compliantly interoperates with the technology choices of enterprise partners. JabberNow 1.1 provides out-of-the-box interoperability with GoogleTalk and includes the Jabber Inc. AIM Gateway, which provides a sanctioned, secure and auditable way for JabberNow customers to communicate with AOL users. Also included is optional add-on support for Microsoft's Active Directory. In addition to the Message Archiving Lite that ships standard on all JabberNow appliances, a more full-featured Message Archiving Plug-in with enhanced reporting functionality is available with JabberNow 1.1. This feature enables keyword-specific, user-specific, and text conferencing room-specific searches of the message archive. Administrator sessions are encrypted and JabberNow provides comprehensive security for server-to-server communications.




Thomson Elite now offers Calendar Manager, a sophisticated, easily customizable calendar and docket solution that will be bundled with Thomson Elite's Enterprise Case Manager. Calendar Manager is well suited for firms that manage large and complex cases, such as mass torts and class-action suits. It can hold tens of thousands of calendar events and case-related data. The intuitive, Web-based software application is easy to configure and use. Built on Windows .NET technology, the software contains a design mode to make customization easy. It also supports multiple languages to meet the needs of international firms. The platform synchronizes items in real time, so events created in the Elite system are instantly accessible in Calendar Manager. From the Team view within Calendar Manager, management-level users can view timekeepers' calendars and time entries, as well as assign tasks and events. An optional Outlook Connector module automatically adds new activities and events into Microsoft Office Outlook when they're created in Calendar Manager. This module also enables synchronization with smart phones and other wireless devices. And, for rules-based calendaring, Calendar Manager features built-in integration with automated court rules.




Accellion, Inc., a provider of on-demand file transfer and data management solutions, has released a new version of the Accellion Courier Secure File Transfer Appliance (SFTA). Version 5.0 of the Courier SFTA allows enterprise users and end-users to easily send and receive folders in a familiar e-mail-like interface. This feature of the appliance enables users to consolidate large number of files into one folder or to preserve the subdirectory hierarchy for complex data structures into one top-level folder. Just as importantly, the appliance provides the ability to securely send and receive files and folders as large as 10GB with one click—that's the equivalent of more than 14 CDs worth of data that you don't have to burn and ship. Accellion Courier FTAs, which support a range of popular browsers, allow you to eliminate FTP servers, create Sarbanes Oxley-compliant business processes, improve e-mail infrastructure performance, and reduce the IT management footprint requirement.




Now available from Mimosa Systems, version 2.0 of Mimosa NearPoint for Microsoft Exchange Server powers e-mail search and discovery for litigation support and investigations. The product is a second-generation information management platform that combines e-mail information archiving, e-discovery, regulatory compliance, data protection, disaster recovery and storage optimization into a single solution. The new version expands Mimosa NearPoint's capabilities to provide scalable access to the industry's richest repository of historical e-mail information through intuitive search tools and collaborative work-flow processes. Version 2.0 introduces two new options: the NearPoint eDiscovery Option and the NearPoint Compliance Storage Option. The eDiscovery Option adds powerful discovery capabilities to dramatically improve the cost and time associated with performing complex e-mail discoveries by allowing for work-flow and collaboration across multiple investigators, greatly enhancing the completeness of information and metadata captured and the preservation of native message formats. The new Compliance Storage Option takes protection one step further with fully integrated support for "tamper-proof" media such as Content Addressable Storage (CAS) and Write-Once Read-Many (WORM) to ensure record-level retention and disposition of e-mail and attachments. The NearPoint eDiscovery Option also allows auditors and legal staff to quickly perform large, sophisticated search and discovery of all MS Exchange items including e-mails, calendar entries and contacts.