October 23, 2012

Product Watch

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July/August 2006 Issue | Volume 32 Number 5 | Page 34

Product Watch

Dashboard Update

Juris has released an updated version of its MyJuris dashboard application. The new release offers full-function Web access. With MyJuris, managing and supervising lawyers can pull up key performance indicators on screen and view real-time information in hours and dollars for work being done by the legal team. Customized, moment-by-moment intelligence can be accessed from a computer screen or PDA. Options include drill-down graphs, heat maps, calendar images and tables. Key performance indications not only tap information in your accounting system, but also pending information entered by working lawyers that has not been finalized and passed to the accounting department. In short, it gives you the real picture—current as of the moment you view it. For working attorneys, MyJuris is the next generation in time tracking and reporting. Lawyers can enter time from their PDAs, and MyJuris will automatically test time and expense entries against engagement rules—allowing the opportunity to correct entries prior to billing.



Powered Mobile Storage Made Easy

Spacesaver Corporation has launched the Eclipse Powered System, a new powered high-density mobile storage system. Engineered “from the floor up” with the latest technology, it offers menu-based configurability, better reliability due to fewer moving parts, non-contact limit switches (replacing mechanical switches), no-touch circuit boards and improved engineering to handle heavy use day in and day out. A wide array of safety and security options are available, and facility managers actually have more control because the “human factor” is eliminated. For example, the system can be programmed to automatically open a heavily used aisle, close all aisles, open aisles evenly for ventilation or move carriages to predetermined positions in the event of a fire. A redesigned Zero Force Sensor system uses infrared photoelectric beams to detect when a person or object is present in an open aisle. If a person or obstacle is detected, carriage movement stops until the person exits or the system is reset. The proven Photo Sweep system also stops carriage travel when a person or object is contacted, and the optional PowerLink 24-7 remote monitoring system spots potential problems and sends a message alerting a service technician.



Tamper-Proof Notebook Security

Kensington's new MicroSaver DS Notebook Lock is among the first notebook locks to incorporate a rotating disc-style locking mechanism. The ultra-secure disc lock features a carbon tempered steel cable, external braided steel sheath, and patented T-bar locking mechanism that attaches to the standard Kensington security slot found in 99 percent of notebook and computer devices. Kensington says these features, plus a unique flat key with millions of possible key combinations, combine to create the most secure notebook lock available.



Upping the Ante in Professional Services CRM

LexisNexis Interface Software has released InterAction 5.5, the latest version of its customer relationship management (CRM) solution. InterAction 5.5 extends firms' ability to leverage relationship intelligence, expands the scope of data firms can centrally capture and manage, and provides robust new reporting capabilities to allow customized access to relationship intelligence in virtually any layout or format. A new report writing tool, complemented by dozens of modifiable, out-of-the box reports, provides complete control and flexibility over presenting relationship intelligence. Sample reports include Who Knows Whom, Activities, Win/Loss Analysis on Opportunities, Marketing Event Analysis, Change Reports, Customized Overview Reports, Marketing and Working List Inclusions, Contact Type Reports and many more. To help firms capture relationship intelligence found in meeting and calendar appointments, InterAction now provides Microsoft Outlook calendar synchronization. Users can choose to add calendar appointments into InterAction with a single click of a button. The system will automatically log the meeting date, subject matter, location, time, participants and any meeting notes entered into the Outlook calendar form. In addition, new document-linking capabilities allow users to securely link virtually any document type, even those attached to an e-mail message, to activities related to specific people, companies or projects, thus ensuring that all aspects of an interaction are captured and accessible in the centralized repository.



True Law Library Automation

Designed especially for private law libraries, the find a title software subscription service combines bibliographic reference, true automation and digital aggregation into one easy-to-use solution. Librarians and other staff can use find a title to catalog print and digital resources, manage subscriptions, track updates, prepare library budgets and historical cost reports, manage patron and publisher relationships, and automate current awareness routing. Lawyers, paralegals and other researchers can use the program to quickly and easily determine what information sources exist right now, today, on any law topic; whether the organization's library currently maintains these publications; and if so, where the publications are maintained, and if not, where the publications can be obtained at the lowest cost. The result is a more thorough research product in less time.



New Practice Management Features

The new version of the Thomson Elite Enterprise suite of financial and practice management applications includes significant additions to practice management functionality. Conflicts Manager in Enterprise 3.6 improves efficiency by displaying all matters and clients linked to a related party in the conflict search result list. Users also can generate attractively formatted, easy-to-read conflicts reports using Elite Document Studio templates. Records Manager now offers active integration with Interwoven WorkSite, a collaborative document management platform, to manage all physical and electronic documents within the Elite Records Manager application. The new Pleading Index feature enables the creation and maintenance of a table of contents of all pleadings related to a case, automatically reorganizing and renumbering files as they are added to the system. Task functionality, which provides all the advantages of event creation without date dependency, has been added to Case Manager. Users can view all tasks assigned to a matter and assign tasks to individuals or groups. Tasks can have child tasks linked to them or be linked to events.



New Free Directory of U.S. Lawyers

LegalDirectoryServices.com has launched a free directory of U.S. lawyers. The easy-to-navigate breakdown of over 925,000 listings—categorized by area of law, and then by state and by city—is aimed at helping users find an appropriate lawyer—quickly—in any of the 50 states. Lawyers may add a free listing to the directory by visiting the site and joining at no cost, and expanded “Featured Listings” are available for a small fee.