October 23, 2012

Tom Grella

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July/August 2006 Issue | Volume 32 Number 5 | Page 11

One Minute With:

MANAGEMENT MAGIC: We asked Tom, a practicing lawyer, managing partner and incoming LPM Section Chair, how he successfully juggles so many responsibilities.

Know your priorities, and include them in a personal mission statement. Then you can measure each activity against how it fits within your priorities, and whether it helps you achieve, or further, the goals of your mission.

Delegate. Let go of work that can be performed at a different level so that you have time for the tasks that are uniquely in your domain.

Develop the ability to say "no."

Use technology to improve the quality of your life—but locate the "off" switch. I use technology heavily—and I have most of the "toys," such as a tablet PC and a multifunctional PDA phone with continual download of e-mail. They go wherever I go, including vacation. The 24-7 connection isn't what causes stress. The inability to control one's actions does. You've got to have a plan to implement technology in a way that creates better quality of life. I know where the "off" switch is on every device—and I know when and how to use it. That way I can get more work done in less time, and stay connected with my firm when I am needed.