October 23, 2012

How do law firm's chief marketers spend their time?

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June 2006 Issue | Volume 32 Number 4 | Page 11

Law Practice Benchmark

Chief marketing officers and marketing directors in law firms devote nearly 50 percent of their time to internal firm matters (including firmwide communications and department management), according to The BTI Consulting Group’s newest research with more than 100 law firm marketing leaders. On the flip side, marketing directors invest just 13.4 percent of their time advising firm management and even less time—12.8 percent—directly involved in client and business development. “Yet it is in this combined 26.2 percent of time,” explains Marcie L. Borgal, a principal at BTI, “that CMOs and marketing directors deliver the most value to their firms.” As part of their advisory role, law firm marketing leaders contribute strategic direction, high-level insights into the market and valuable institutional knowledge about the firm.