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June 2006 Issue | Volume 32 Number 4 | Page 19

Product Watch

So, What's in Your Wallet?

Wallet Flash. Forever searching the bottom of your bag for those elusive thumb-sized USB drives? Here's a solution: the world's first credit card- sized flash drive, designed to tuck easily inside a wallet, where, theoretically, it won't get lost or forgotten. Wallatex's new waterproof, temperature-tolerant wallet flash drive is made of double-laminated unbreakable plastic and is available in 64MB to 2GB capacities. The company says the double-sided connector fits quickly and easily into hard-to-reach USB ports. An added plus: The credit-card surface is ideal real estate for company branding and other promotional opportunities. Buy in quantity and add options such as a magnetic stripe, customized photos and auto-run and nonerasable files.


Free Marketing Tools for Small Firms

The LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell Practice Development Center offers free resources to help small law firms market their practices. Tools available for downloading on the site include a marketing toolkit for small firms and a customizable strategic marketing plan. In addition, a free video seminar is available on how small law firms can use the Web to market more effectively. The 15-minute video contains the latest information on the growth of the Internet, online marketing trends, and tips for law firm marketing online.


Smarter Pens

The io2 Digital Pen from Logitech records up to 40 pages of handwritten notes and drawings made on special “smart paper” and imports them directly into Word, Outlook, Lotus Notes and other programs. You take notes or draw in ink on the smart digital paper and a tiny camera captures your work. Dock the digital pen, and text and sketches are automatically transferred to your computer, eliminating the need to rekey handwritten notes and enabling you to synchronize e-mails, appointments and tasks directly from paper. The writing system includes software that learns your handwriting to turn notes—including tables, shapes and charts—into digital text that you can edit and use in any application, just like text entered with the keyboard. In addition, you can export graphics into the most popular formats and search and organize files with a built-in search function.


Data Converter

CaseLogistix has released the WayPoint Data Converter , a new legal software that allows users to convert any document into foreign data formats transparently. The revolutionary stand-alone export/import utility has been specially formatted to quickly convert hundreds of thousands of megabytes of data, allowing legal research teams to quickly and efficiently organize and prepare for cases. The CaseLogistix WayPoint Data Converter enables users to convert documents and data between popular data import formats and litigation support software, including CaseLogistix version 4.x, using an open source WayPoint XML file specification. Leveraging an easy-to-use Wizard format, WayPoint allows users to save projects even after fields are mapped, making future uses of the application easier. Additionally, it facilitates the conversion of up to 300,000 pages of data in less than an hour, depending on the type and size of data to be exported. Finally, WayPoint auto-validates data to ensure that conversions are valid before they are made final, eliminating concerns surrounding accidental conversions.


Law Firm-Focused Conferencing Solution

Aspen Conferencing's Legal Edition offers a complete selection of the technologies needed to hold online meetings—whether your firm wants a tool for practice group meetings, client seminars, shared document drafting and review, or to record and play back depositions over the Web. Tools enable firms to offer creative new approaches to meetings by incorporating remote live video, audio, document viewing and Web and desktop sharing—all designed to allow people to easily interact on a more personal level. Meeting features include document viewing, application sharing, browser sharing and whiteboarding—collaborating and brainstorming within meetings using a shared online whiteboard. In addition, an organized billing tool allows meeting planners to assign a client matter code before and after each meeting, and to create post-meeting e-mail reports that highlight details of each meeting.


New Time Management Tools

LexisNexis Time Matters Version 7.0 offers across-the-board improvements, including new features for enhanced user interface, mobility and work-flow management. The Professional and Enterprise Editions include all the classic Time Matters tools, with key improvements that include customizable work-flow navigators; improved client and matter monitors; a visual timeline to track key events and display all record types within a matter; BlackBerry wireless handheld billing records; an integrated research manager; and synchronization with Novell GroupWise. Time Matters can be used as a complete practice management solution or linked with other leading software, such as QuickBooks, Outlook and WinFax PRO.


Manage Multiple PCs from One Keyboard

Multiplicity is a new program that lets you control multiple computers with a single keyboard and mouse. If you've ever used a multiple-monitor-equipped PC, then you can imagine how Multiplicity works. Each monitor is connected to its own PC. When the user moves the mouse over to a given monitor, the user is then controlling that PC. It's ideal for power users and anyone else who has ever seen the benefit of multiple monitors but wants the full power of multiple computers working seamlessly together. Multiplicity Pro even lets you copy and paste folders and files between machines.


Taming the Near-Duplicate Storm

Do you have any idea how many documents and e-mails in your system are actually near-duplicates? Equivio is a utility program that detects and groups near-duplicates to enhance the review, search and management of documents. By grouping near-duplicates, Equivio reduces the cost, time and risk of error involved in handling large document repositories. In the absence of Equivio, near-duplicates are dispersed randomly through the document collection. With Equivio, the near-duplicates are clustered into groups, enabling a coherent, systematic review process. Usage scenarios include legal discovery, internal investigations, compliance and risk management, e-mail archiving, records management, digitization projects, enterprise content management, search engines and data mining. Equivio is built for straightforward plug-in as an OEM component, or as a stand-alone application integrated within the enterprise systems environment.


Product News


Westlaw Watch is a new tool from Thomson West for clipping, organizing and categorizing information on Westlaw. An evolution of the former Westlaw Integration Solutions offerings, Westlaw Watch uses enhanced technology to deliver user-selected Westlaw content to individuals via an organization's intranet or portal, an aggregated e-mail or a wireless device. With Westlaw Watch, the researcher controls the flow of information throughout the organization, so everyone stays informed on business issues, legal topics and competitive matters. The new clipping function provides a way to target relevant legal and business information and distribute it in a timely manner. This tool also allows the administrator to have a “snapshot” view of all of the clips across the organization. For ease of use, Westlaw Watch uses a different interface than Westlaw, but requires no Web development or software to install. Researchers simply log on with their Westlaw password at Users can access Watch results via e-mail, PDAs, RSS, intranet/portal and XML. Current awareness monitoring on Westlaw Watch can be set up for an individual, a select group or the entire organization.


International ONLINE Litigation ServiCe DEBUT

Wolters Kluwer Law & Business has launched a new online service, KluwerLitigation. The new service provides vital insights into commercial litigation procedure in nearly 50 countries, with clear explanations of the courts, judiciary and local legal processes. National reports written by arbitration experts provide comprehensive information on the arbitration law and practice of more than 60 countries. In addition, essential commentary and case law provide the user with a quick overview of litigation and enforcement in each jurisdiction. The service's coverage is comprised of content from three established works by experts in international litigation: Encyclopedia of International Commercial Litigation; Enforcement of Foreign Judgments; and International Encyclopedia of Laws: Civil Procedure. Also included are the full texts of the four main conventions covering commercial litigation–Brussels Convention, Evidence Convention, New York Convention and Service Convention—as well as all relevant EC regulations. The site offers detailed information on a wide range of commercial litigation, including contractual claims; claims for damages under charter parties; claims relating to bank deposits; claims to enforce foreign judgments and arbitration awards; claims or orders freezing assets; admiralty claims; and claims for breach of copyright and trademarks.