October 23, 2012

From the Editor

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Tech Experts' Tips for Cutting Back
(and What No Lawyer Should Do Without)

April/May 2006 Issue | Volume 32 Number 3 | Page 4

From the Editor

By Merrilyn Astin Tarlton

As 800-pound gorillas go , this issue’s Technology Roundtable is a highly useful, and affable, discussion of how to wrestle one. We asked columnist and ABA TECHSHOW 2006 Chair Sharon Nelson to find a group of legal technology experts to help small firm lawyers face the questions keeping them up at night. “How much should I be spending?” “How can I keep costs down?” And my personal favorite, “What’s new in the future for legal tech?” Those familiar with the participants will guess they had a good time doing this. But, believe me, when it comes to hard answers, they don’t monkey around!

If you’re looking for insights into how to focus your management time, our first-ever “Speaking with Authority” forum with law firm administrators is right up your alley. John Cummens and a stellar cast of administrators dish the dirt on what managing partners really need to know about what’s going on in their firms. It’s powerful and persuasive stuff.

And joining us for a special three-issue series is George D. Gopen, professor at Duke University. His passion is teaching lawyers how to write well—in the real world, for real people.

You’ll find this issue is filled with firsts—from fresh features to our new Front Lines columns “One Minute With” and “LPM Section News,” to the ABA TECHSHOW Technology Directory.

The truth is, to quote philosopher Rosanne Rosannadanna, “It’s always something” here at Law Practice. We pride ourselves on a dogged pursuit of new authors, new subjects, new features and just plain useful content. We know that in this issue, you’ll find some—and then some.