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Taking Charge: Accepting Credit Cards for Legal Fees
It’s an increasingly cashless society. If your clients want to pay with plastic, will you let them? Credit cards are finding growing acceptance at law firms. Plus: "Ethics Pitfalls of Credit Card Use" and "Shopping Pointers: Expenses Involved in Accepting Credit Cards."
By Phillip M. Perry

Can Your Firm Afford You? The Profit-and-Loss Equation for Associates
It’s a hard fact of life that professional employees can keep their jobs only as long as they provide value to their employers. Law firms are structured to make allowances for new associates, hoping they will quickly reach their full profit potential. But there is a way for new lawyers to personally track their net profits—and value to the firm—along the way. Plus: "The High Cost of Lawyer Turnover: Recruiting and Training Matter."
By Edward Poll

Battle of the Generations: Tips for Managing the Entitlement Mentality
Associate-partner tension levels seem especially high these days. Instead of complaining, acknowledge the generation gap and find ways to bridge it.
By Ida O. Abbott

Law Firm Accounting for Dummies (Or, How to Talk to New Lawyers About Money)
Start with a glossary of the accounting methods used by your firm, then explain the basics behind the statistics you use to measure associates’ contributions. Over time, a smart associate can learn to pick the practice groups, teams and partners who do the best at turning billable time into maximum revenues.
By Edward H. Flitton

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Five Things
5 Steps to Achieve Your PR Goals
By Elizabeth Lampert

Big Idea
Money Talks!
Braving conversations about money.
By Merrilyn Astin Tarlton

A top-of-the-class annual report, aspirin for e-mail lists, and yes to associate marketing.
What's New on the Frontlines of Law Practice Development and Marketing?
By Larry Bodine

Trends Report
Some Trends Are Like Fireworks
More than 100 trends spotted. Which ones fizzled, which ones took off?
By Robert W. Denney

P4P Search Engine Marketing: It Works—And Here's How
Pay-per-click, paid inclusion and pay for ranking. How to get search engine ads working for you.
By Erik J. Heels

Hot Buttons
Disaster Preparedness: What’s Reasonable for Law Firms?
Can we ever fully prepare for disasters? Probably not. But simple steps can help minimize disruption.
By Sharon Nelson and John Simek

Tips & Tricks
IS People Are from Mars, Computer Users Are from Venus
Bridging the interplanetary chasm between end-users and information systems people. Plus: A Tips Tear-out.
By Dan Pinnington

NEW! Who Is …
Natalie Kelly Q&A
In our series profiling lawyer-technologists, we talk with a practice management advisor with a lot of tech-tools know-how.
By Mark Tamminga

Product Watch


Hoist Your Firm’s Bottom Line Using the Associate-Partner Lever
What does it really take to optimize the partner-and-associate time mix—and attain maximum profit from a file?
By David Bilinsky and Laura Calloway

Making Your Meetings Worthwhile
Remember the last firm meeting that actually accomplished something? Meg Spencer Dixon weighs in with tips on how to turn around unproductive meetings.
By Marcia Pennington Shannon

The New Generation of Lawyers: Planting the Marketing Seed
What can your firm do to support associates’ marketing and business development efforts? A step-by-step plan.
By Sally J. Schmidt