November 2005 Issue
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  Table of Contents - October/November 2005


"First, Let's Sell All the Lawyers": A Personal View of Legal Marketing's Long, Strange Journey
It’s been quite a ride—from poor John Bates, to bulldogs, to Lettuce Lawyers and the rise of the full-out differentiation campaign. This insightful and witty look at law firm marketing’s evolution gives an insider’s scoop on the past, present and future. Plus: "Legal Services Marketing Timeline" and "Your Silver Bullet: Focus, Focus, Focus."
By Ross Fishman

Think Like an Entrepreneur: Overcoming Marketing Pitfalls
Want to make 2006 a record-breaking year? Shift your mind-set from average to entrepreneurial. Here are pointers on how to rebound from common pitfalls that can hold you back.
By Michael G. Cummings

The Art of Feel-Good Rainmaking: How to Cultivate a Network of Endless Referrals
Say good-bye to networking butterflies—stick with this system for building your prospect and referral list with high-quality contacts. Plus: "Feel-Good Questions that Build Rapport" and "The Power of a Simple Introduction."
By Bob Burg

Legal Marketing Professionals on the Rise: Who Earns What?
Who’s hiring professional marketing staff, and how big are the paychecks? Results from the 2004 LMA Roles and Compensation Survey.
By Sally J. Schmidt

Is Your Marketing a Laughing Matter? How Law Firms Are Winning Business with Humor
Humor strikes a chord and makes the moment memorable. And law firms are increasingly putting it to use in their marketing and recruiting materials to very serious purpose—with big effects.
By Stacy West Clark

The Blogger Diaries
Build It and They'll Come
The second installment in a series tracking a blogger's start-up adventures has Andrew Ewalt generating press and building his site traffic.
By Larry Bodine

LPM Central
Section news and events, and a spotlight on Sam Smith awardee Fran Musselman.


Section Events Calendar

Five Things
5 Ways to Strengthen Your Best Client Relationships
By Ann Lee Gibson

Ask Bill
Leaving your firm to go solo?
How to make the transition as painless as possible.
By Bill Gibson

What's New on the Frontlines of Law Practice Development and Marketing?
Note-taking business cards, alumni networking, and yes-yes extranets.
By Larry Bodine

Trends Report
Management and Leadership Training: It’s a Good Thing
A change in attitude about leadership and management education for lawyers.
By Robert W. Denney

How Did They Do That?
A communications strategy taps far-flung referral sources.
By Richard S. Levick

Web 2.0: Building Interactivity on the Shoulders of Giants
What’s behind the new leap forward in site functionality?
By Rick Klau

Hot Buttons
Finding Wyatt Earp: How to Choose Your Computer Forensics Expert
In electronic evidence cases, it frequently comes down to a duel between the experts.
By Sharon Nelson and John Simek

Product Review
SmartDraw for Your Case Exhibit Needs
Do you need help producing graphic exhibits? If so, there’s a new program to consider.
By Simon Chester

Tips & Tricks
10 Steps to Safer Ground: Computer Troubleshooting 101
Do-it-yourself solutions to common problems. Plus: A Tips Tear-out.
By Dan Pinnington

NEW! Who Is …
David Masters Q&A
In our series profiling lawyer-technologists, we talk with a paperless office guru.
By Mark Tamminga


Living Up to the Numbers: Financial Performance Measurements
How do you know if your practice is “just average” or a champion? Look at the numbers, of course.
By David Bilinsky and Laura Calloway

Coaching Works for Lance Armstrong—Why Not for You?
Coaching is making inroads in the legal profession—for good reasons.
By Marcia Pennington Shannon