October 23, 2012

Thomson's Firm360: A Dynamic CI Research Tool



Product Watch
 Thomson's Firm360: A Dynamic CI Research Tool
A legal marketing strategist takes a first look at this competitive intelligence tool.
By Ann Lee Gibson

 The Dark (Gray) Age of Music on the Internet
Why is the music we want, in the formats we want, so difficult to find?
By Erik J. Heels

NEW! Who Is...
 Craig Ball Q&A
In our new series profiling lawyer-technologists, we talk with a special master in computer forensics.
By Mark Tamminga

Tips & Tricks
 Docketing Dos and Don'ts: Working Smarter, Not Harder
Throw out your time sheets and go electronic. Plus: A Tips Tear-out on capturing more time.
By Dan Pinnington

Hot Buttons
 Cyberinsurance: It's Like Singing in the Rain
Most lawyers don't have a clue how exposed they are without a policy.
By Sharon Nelson and John Simek


 Financial Benchmarking: How Do you Stack Up?
Comparing your financial performance to other firms of the same size, and in the same practice area and location.
By David Bilinsky and Laura Calloway

 Enhancing Your Firm's Internal Communication
What's your firm's communication style? Chances are, there's room for improvement.
By Marcia Pennington Shannon

 It All Begins with Your Target Audience
For a sure-fire way to enhance your marketing, answer some simple questions.
by Sally J. Schmidt


 Reviews of the Windows Secrets Newsletter and a little book of marketing meditations that packs a big punch .
Edited by Milton W. Zwicker



 What Gives? 21 Ways Lawyers Can Give Back-Every Day
Every day lawyers help people, through actions large and small, public and imperceptible. Take a quick tour through this list of 21 ways to give. Add your own ideas. Pass it on to younger lawyers. Use it as the agenda for your next partner meeting. Start now. It feels good to do good! Plus, "Reality Check: True Calling-- Sidelined by Debt?"
By Merrilyn Astin Tarlton

 Give Back (Because You Can and You Should)
In this excerpt from "My Last Lecture: Unsolicited Advice for Future and Current Lawyers," the author provides invaluable words on how students--and every member of the profession can give back.
By Stephen D. Easton

 Giving with Hearts and Hands
This Denver firm's unusual foundation does not award large monetary grants, but rather is based on encouraging volunteerism. At the same time, the foundation builds bonds among the firm's 12 offices.
By Mark Beese

 Card Smart: Mastering the Art of Holiday Greetings
Holiday cards can cause chaos. But love 'em or hate 'em, you still feel you must send them out. Why not develop a better strategy this year? Here's a summary of what some law firms and marketing directors are thinking about this season. Plus: "Holiday Cards: 10 Things to Think About" and "Holiday Cards and Gifts: Readers' Advice."
By Mary Beth Pratt

 The Gift That Keeps on Giving
Box-seat tickets to the playoffs, golf outings and platinum pens are always nice. But the best gift you can give a client is the commitment you make to the quality of your service--all year long.
By Henry Dahut

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Five Things
How to Get the Most from Your Volunteer Activities
By Carol Schiro Greenwald

Trends Report
 A Rose May Be a Rose, But Is a Title a Title?
Witness the breathtaking evolution of law firm titles. What do they all mean?
By Robert W. Denney

 A truly timeless ad campaign, spotlight on talk radio, and favorite blawgs of the year.
By Larry Bodine

Ask Bill
 Should your firm accept credit card payments?
By Bill Gibson