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Product Watch

FROM: July / August 2005, PAGE 30 EDITED BY: Storm Evans

Stylish, Wireless, Instant Connectivity

With a metallic graphite-colored finish and lines inspired by an Italian sports car, the Motorola i836 wireless phone looks as good as it performs. Jointly announced with Nextel, this sleek device is loaded with advanced features, including Nextel’s new Group Connect service. The Motorola i836 offers four distinct ways to stay connected: digital cellular phone service; Nextel’s Direct Connect, the nationwide and country-to-country instant walkie-talkie service; Group Connect, which allows users to communicate with up to 20 other Nextel users at the touch of a button; and Multimedia Messaging Service, which allows users to send text, images and audio together. The Motorola i836 uses Java technology, allowing users to download and run applications to meet their business and personal needs. That includes GPS capability for location-enabled applications and services, including real-time audible turn-by-turn directions.

www.nextel.com; www.motorola.com

Browser-Based Case Management

Newly released by Solutions in Software, Inc., CaseManagerPro 2.6 offers new features and functionality that build on the software’s ease of use and its ability to manage work flow in large firms. CaseManagerPro was built from the ground up for complex litigation, including mass tort and multidistrict matters. Features in the upgrade include drag-and-drop integration with MS Outlook and Contacts & Tasks, plus a new home page interface with one-click access to documents, reports, records and tasks. Also new are more user-defined options for security, accessibility and custom reporting, as well as in-depth activity tracking and logging options. Tying in with the version’s release is Solutions in Software’s newly designed Web site. Visitors will be able to obtain product info, keep abreast of news and upcoming events, and download a flash demo and video tour.


Got Wi-Fi? Move the Web

With the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, you can browse your favorite sites and catch up on your e-mail—from right where you are. If you have broadband access over Wi-Fi, the Nokia 770 gives you instant wireless access to the Web. You can also stream files, tune in to Internet radio or play your favorite videos and music. With a truly portable design, fashionably discrete brushed-metal cover and ultra-sharp widescreen display that’s optimized for viewing online content, this tablet is easy to use—and easy on your eyes, too. It features a high-resolution (800 x 480) touch-screen with up to 65,536 colors.


Eight Phones, One Base

Form blends with function in the VTech i5871 cordless phone, a breakthrough in technology and design. Sporting the latest in 5.8 GHz digital technology, this expandable system provides excellent clarity, range and security. The i5871 is expandable up to a total of eight handsets and requires only one phone jack for the base unit, so you can place matching phones in rooms that don't have phone jacks—they all work off the one base station. The feature-loaded i5871 also allows you to download your phonebook from Palm or Outlook directly into your handsets, something no other cordless phone can offer. Intercom between handsets, transfer calls to other rooms, and take advantage of having an integrated phone system versus several different cordless phones.


Work-flow Collaboration

Thomson Elite has enhanced its work-flow product, Elite Process Manager, with new standardized and customizable forms. These new forms facilitate greater firmwide collaboration and reflect legal industry work-flow best practices for improved operational efficiencies. Formerly Elite WorkFlow, the newly updated Process Manager helps speed up collaborative business procedures that require approvals and input from various people working within the firm and reduces the risk of duplicated manual efforts and data inaccuracies. Online status tracking and reporting are readily available during all stages. In addition, a complete audit trail of authorizations and approvals can be easily generated. The end result is faster turnaround time on client work for improved client satisfaction. The new library of customizable work-flow forms and procedural routing includes: new business intake process, creation of new records or folders, conflict/risk management checking, file closing procedures, creating cases for docketing and case management, records retention, creating marketing contacts and fulfilling online record requests. Customers still have the option of customizing processes from the ground up, or they can make use of the new predefined processes to get up and running quickly with reduced customization costs.


Document Cost Recovery

In an era of rising document output costs and increased migration from copying to digital document printing, Equitrac Print Tracking 4 helps law offices improve document cost recovery rates and hold down the costs of document outputs. It does so by helping firms quickly and accurately discover and recover costs of digital document output from any standalone desktop printer or networked digital multifunction device anywhere in the firm. With a growing number of firms charging for print tracking, this product provides the automated tools for application of matter-centric billing policies to help maximize document cost recovery. It also helps drive down production costs by providing management tools to control work flow and more effectively manage device utilization. In addition, by routing print jobs through a secure server for authentication before being released at the printer, Equitrac Print Tracking 4 provides a secure, reliable means for firms to meet the privacy needs of both clients and regulatory agencies.


E-mail Content Management

SecureTide, a new service from AppRiver, LLC, enables businesses of any size to manage e-mail communications with the same level of control and protection as the Fortune 500. SecureTide features a suite of user-customizable tools for e-mail content management, designed to address e-mail abuse and misuse in the workplace. SecureTide also is a result of significant enhancements to AppRiver’s proprietary spam detection platform, geared to respond to new spam and virus outbreaks. The new technology widens the “spam-net” by a factor of 10 and reduces the window of time required to block a newly identified spam or virus outbreak to less than 90 seconds. The e-mail content management features in SecureTide address the needs of businesses that are increasingly concerned about productivity, corporate privacy, legal liability and bandwidth consumption. Web-based tools enable tracking of keywords and phrases in all addresses, headers, subject lines and message bodies, permitting e-mails to be blocked or redirected to ensure organizational security and policy compliance. The tools also give users the flexibility to ban from the network unwanted file attachments and to prohibit messages containing specific phrases or originating from countries specified by the administrator. The SecureTide service requires no additional hardware or software and no changes to the user’s network. At the heart of AppRiver’s service is the company’s proprietary spam detection system that utilizes more than 60 types of filtering techniques.

Storm Evans ( lpm-newproducts@abanet.org) is a practice support consultant at P.O. Box 27370, Philadelphia, PA, 19118-0370. She is the author of the ABA Book Time Matters ® in One Hour for Lawyers.