October 23, 2012

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Finding the Good Stuff: How to Install a Desktop Search Engine
A free, open source, flexible indexing system that you can customize is a wonderful thing.
By Erik J. Heels

Tips & Tricks
Pitch In, Everyone: Sending Fewer E-mails
Reduce outgoing e-mails and help save world productivity. Plus: A Tips Tear-out.
By Dan Pinnington

Hot Buttons
Disgruntled Employees and Systems Security: The Enemy Within
Hackers and other external intruders remian a threat to law firm computer systems. But the greatest danger is usually closer to home.
By Sharon Nelson and John Simek

Product Watch
New products for your law office.
Edited by Storm Evans


Custom-Fit Financial Reports to Suite Your Firm
Customized reports reveal more aobut cash flow, aging invoices and your firm.
By David Bilinsky and Laura Calloway

Multitasking in an Information Overloaded World
Is work taking a toll on you and your people, personally and professionally?
By Marcia Pennington Shannon

Make-or-Break Steps for Winning the Business
Formal or informal, many lawyers are at a loss when trying to effectively make their case to the prospect.
by Sally J. Schmidt


Edward Olkovich reviews The Lawyer's Guide to Increasing Revenue: Unlocking the Profit Potential in Your Firm.
Edited by Milton W. Zwicker

Rip It!

Teaching Ethics 101 to Support Staff
Support staff members don’t have the benefit of law school discourse on that most critical of topics—your ethical responsibilities to clients.Here is a checklist to help staff ensure the rules aren’t violated.
By Storm M. Evans


The Profitable Partner:
Measuring Your Return on Partner Effort

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. To succeed, firms need to assess their ROPE and use it as the basis for real change in performance.
By Friedrich Blase

The High-Performance Lawyer:
Shifting to a Full-Engagement Model Competitive
 advantage—read profitability—requires developing a firm
culture that fully engages your lawyers. Firms of the future will focus on managing energy, not time.
By Stephen P. Gallagher

The Skillful Associate:
Taking Down the Class System

Want to improve the development and performance of your associates and become a more profitable firm as a result? Become a firm without class. Plus: “Setting Expectations Under a Level-Based System: Sample Skills Expectations
for Litigation Associates.”

By Patricia A. Harris

The Profitable Paralegal:
Expanding the Role of Paralegals

Today, paralegals perform work that in the past may have been performed by associates. If their work is properly priced, paralegals can provide good profits for their firms. Plus: “Paralegal Profitability Worksheet.”
By Arthur G. Greene


LPM Central ABA Annual Meeting returns to Chicago, a new headquarters staff member and more.

Chair's Message: Mark Robertson on tools to help you with your practice management.

2005 Nominating Committee Report

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Five Things
Attributes of Successful Law Firm Marketing Professionals.
By Ann Lee Gibson

Ask Bill
How to go about hiring an office administrator.
By Bill Gibson

The cleverest-eve law firm catalog.
By Larry Bodine

Trends Report
New Approaches to Recruiting: Beyond the G.P.A.
Is entry-level recruiting based on high grades a mistake? There may be a change in the winds.
By Robert W. Denney