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Product Watch

New Products. Neat Tools. Fun Finds

FROM: April / May 2005, PAGE 26 EDITED BY: Storm Evans

Pocket Web Surfing, Sized for Human Hands

Datawind Corporation’s PocketSurfer Web Viewer is the first cell phone accessory that provides a desktop-quality Web experience in a device small enough for breast pocket or purse—just 6 x 3 inches and less than 9/16-inch thick. The PocketSurfer delivers real HTML with full graphics, java-scripts and other Web functionality for over 8 billion pages of content—and it is Bluetooth-enabled for instant wireless cell phone connection. Page downloads take just 5 to 7 seconds on average. DataWind’s proprietary high-end Internet server technology delivers faster surfing with full preservation of graphical content. The service is compatible with data plans from virtually any major wireless carrier. The QWERTY keyboard makes sending e-mail easy. The device also includes a mouse pointer and page navigation controls.

Visit: www.pocketsurfer.net or www.datawind.com

Cyber-Security Button

Those nasty spambot crawlers can heist your e-mail address if it’s posted on a public Web site or included in the coding of a contact form. But CipherSend.com now offers an online security service that replaces any Web site e-mail address or contact form with a “CipherSend button.” The button thwarts e-mail address theft by spambots and allows site visitors to send encrypted or non-encrypted messages and files directly to the button owner's current e-mail account with delivery notification and no password. The service is ideally suited for professionals such as lawyers, who can now quickly and easily receive secure documents from clients and colleagues at their standard e-mail address without the inconvenience of giving out passwords or secure logins. CipherSend offers advantages over standard Web site e-mail or contact forms with its spam-block security and double notification to site visitors when their e-mail has been delivered and again when the recipient opens the e-mail. The service uses sophisticated 2048-bit RSA asymmetrical (two-key) encryption algorithms with maximum key length. Because messages and documents are encrypted right on the sender's computer with a downloaded public key and decrypted by the recipient's private key, CipherSend represents true end-to-end security.

Visit: www.ciphersend.com

Portable DVD Player

The Thomson DRC616N puts meaning into the word “portable” with a 7-inch widescreen LCD DVD display. Features on the model include digital cinema and video mode progressive scan, adding 3:2 pulldown (which doubles the lines of resolution). The model also includes dual headphone jacks, remote control, and an AC adapter/recharger and car adapter kit. www.thomsonquickpick.com

TopDeq Office Furniture Systems

Versatile, diverse modular office systems from TopDeq fit every space and budget. The Link Collection furniture system is based on a silver, powder-coated steel frame that can be combined with satin-finished aluminum connectors and matte glass or fine chipboard tabletops in ice gray or beech melamine finish. The table collection includes single, double and four-person workstations, and executive desks that can be extended (above) with special-shaped square and rectangular add-on tables. The single and double desk combinations come with colorful separators in metal, yellow, blue or orange. Table height can be adjusted from 28.7 to 29.5 inches.

Visit: www.topdeq.com

Product News

[DO-IT-YOURSELF WEB EDITING] Small to medium-size firms that need to regularly update their Web sites have two new services from Edit.com that are easy for the non-geek to use: Do It Yourself Online Editing and Custom Work. Edit.com’s Do It Yourself Online Editing analyzes your site and teaches you how to update your content yourself. Edit.com’s Custom Work can perform more difficult editing tasks with ease. All you need to use Edit.com is a working Web site. You don’t need to know HTML. Plus, there is no software to install and no need for customers to change their site design or hosting in any way. Using Edit.com is quick, easy and cost-effective. Customers browse their own site and type changes right into their Web pages—all from within their browser. They can immediately change text, formatting, images, links and even add new pages. To make a site editable, Edit.com adds a few invisible HTML codes into the Web pages. By making only certain parts of each page editable, Edit.com protects the design and functionality of the site from damage. Customers can make most edits themselves using Do-It-Yourself Online Editing, but every customer also has access to expert developers. Examples of Custom Work include adding or adjusting e-commerce, newsletter subscriptions, databases, or changing the site structure and layout. Edit.com offers a pay-per-use service plan at $25 per day of Do-It-Yourself Online Editing, as well as unlimited editing plans starting at $15 per month.

Visit: www.edit.com

[Light Up Your keyboard characters] The Deck LED-Backlit Keyboard shines a backlight on every character on every key individually—not just the frame and gaps in between. Plus, the LEDs can be easily adjusted to one of seven brightness levels to reach the desired level of illumination. Deck’s lights are rated at an amazing 200,000 hours of life. According to Thinkgeek.com, that’s pushing 22 years if the Deck is never turned off.This stylish backlit keyboard looks great and is built to last. Deck keyboards are constructed with 50-million cycle switches and gold cross-point key switches. (Putting it into perspective, the keyboard you are using right now is most likely using 1 million cycle switches and no gold.) The keyboard is available in three colors: fire (red), ice (blue) and gold (yellow).

Visit: www.thinkgeek.com/computing

New Version, New Visuals

Software Technology, Inc., the maker of Tabs3 and PracticeMaster legal software, has released Version 12 of its entire suite of billing, practice management and financial software products. Among other improvements, lawyers will find that the new collection reports in Tabs3 can save them time and money by quickly helping them identify which clients require more aggressive collection efforts. Both Tabs3 and PracticeMaster have implemented new and improved visual design with professionally designed graphical icons. The new visual design takes advantage of the color options offered by today’s advanced computers to create richer icons that are easy to recognize and are similar to icons in the latest Windows operating systems. The new XP-style icons and revised form layouts make the software even easier to use. Additional highlights of this release include a SnapShot for quick viewing of client and contact information, a new DropBox for collecting PDF versions of reports and statements that you can quickly e-mail to multiple people, and enhanced e-mail that integrates with Outlook and quickly associates e-mails with clients and contacts. Also added is the ability to quickly sort records in List tabs and lookup windows by clicking on the column heading.

Visit: www.tabs3.com

Storm M. Evans ( lpm-newproducts@abanet.org) is a practice support consultant at P.O. Box 27370, Philadelphia, PA 19118-0370. She is the author of the ABA book Time Matters® in One Hour for Lawyers.