October 23, 2012

Playing Tag: It's Really Knowledge Management



Playing Tag: It's Really Knowledge Management
A new form of interactive online bookmarking focuses on content that matters.
By Rick Klau

Hot Buttons
Spyware: Is Your Computer Looking Back at You?
It's truly frightening to think how vulnerable client data is to spyware.
By Sharon Nelson and John Simek

Product Review
Adobe Acrobat 7: A Collaboration Powerhouse
Adobe has taken steps to make Acrobat collaboration feasible for every firm, with friendly pricing and functionality.
By Simon Chester

Tips & Tricks
Windows Gone Wild
Here's everything you want to know about manipulating the windows on your desktop. Plus: A Tips Tear Out.
By Dan Pinnington

Product Watch
New products for your law office.
Edited by Storm Evans


Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Financial Statements and Ratios
Compiling the core statements needed to understand your firm's financials.
By David Bilinsky and Laura Calloway

How to Create a Genuine Partnership with Your Assistant
To revamp this vital relationship, try commitment, cooperation and communication.
By Marcia Pennington Shannon

Growing a Multifaceted Network
Forget selling. Networking means interacting, that is, building give-and-take relationships.
by Susan Saltonstall Duncan


Michael Goldblatt reviews the Legal Information Buyer's Guide & Reference Manual, while Thomas C. Grella reviews The First Great Myth of Legal Management Is That It Exists.
Edited by Milton W. Zwicker


Strategic Space Planning: 10 Steps to Make Your Real Estate Strategy Support Your Business Plans
Guidelines to help you think strategically about space—and master the art of flux. Plus, " Point-Counterpoint: What to Do When Partners Differ on Space Use?"
By Chris Murray

45 Ways to Think About Space
You spend half your waking hours there, so if you're going to change your work space, get it right from every perspective.
By Simon Chester

Tracking the Trends in Law Firm Real Estate
Small, strategic changes in how firms use space are affecting how business gets done, client perceptions of the firm and the bottom line.
By Randy Lewis

Designing the Smart Office
In Iowa, a unique litigation boutique is turning heads by turning the tables on the traditional concept of law office design.
By Phillip M. Perry

10 Things to Know Before Signing a Lease
Wonder what tricks may be up the landlord's sleeve? If you must read one piece of advice before beginning the office hunt—this is it.
By Jonathan E. Smaby

Small Spaces: A Planning Primer for Solo and Small Firm Office Design
The extra thought you give to office design--whether new space or a makeover--will reward you for as long as you stay there. Plus: "Top 6 Space Planning Mistakes" and "Space Design Plan Checklist."
By Suzette S. Schultz and Jon S. Schultz

First Person
Space Planning as Cliff Diving
A historic building is lovely transformed into the new home for a Toronto firm, but not without a little Chinese water torture for the partner in charge.
By Mark Tamminga


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Chair's Message: Mark Robertson dreams digital.

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Five Things
Wise words on achieving goals.
By Connie Cook Laug

Media: How Did They Do That?
If you ever win a national award, be smart and make the most of it.
By Richard S. Levick

A virtual tour, extranet clubhouse and "go-to" branding.
By Larry Bodine

Trends Report
Is the Grass Still Greener on the In-House Side?
For many, working in-house hasn't turned out to be the happy alternative they expected. What's going on?
By Robert W. Denney