October 23, 2012

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Big Idea
Have It Your Way
Redefining the game is the greatest form of success.
By Merrilyn Astin Tarlton

Trends Report
Selections from the Trends Candy Store
Operating capital, partner sabbaticals and more trends.
By Robert W. Denney

5 Things
Secure Your Best Client Relationships
How does your service stack up?
By Ann Lee Gibson

Ask Bill
Does exhibiting at trade shows make sense for law firms? The experts weigh in.
By Bill Gibson

Media: How Did They Do That?
Here's how one trial firm emblazoned its Texas brand worldwide.
By Richard Levick


Say Aloha to the Wiki
A Web site can be an ever-expanding white board for group collaboration.
By Rick Klau

Why PEnnsylvania 6-5000 Is No More
The issues surrounding phone numbers have become increasingly complex.
By Mark Tamminga

Technology and Stress: Grand Me Serenity
Rules for taking control of your tools.
By Jim Calloway

Personal Technology
Breakthroughs: Upside-Down and Inside-Out Perspective
Embrace new tools and tactics.
By Stephen J. Harhai

Practice Development

A MAD holiday, law firm TV and more.
By Larry Bodine

Smart Practices

Helping Employees Create Career Development Plans
Career development plans can be great motivators, for employee and supervisor alike.
By Marcia Pennington Shannon

Fresh Out
Making the Right Job and Career Choices
Is your job compatible with your goals?
By Susan Saltonstall Duncan

Carl Roberts reviews Electronic Evidence and Discovery.
By Milton Zwicker

First Person
10 Things Associates Wish They Could Tell You
Associate attrition is expensive and disruptive. One of the problems is the lack of open and honest communication within firms.
By An Anonymous Associate

The Vanishing Partnership Carrot: Where Did It Go? What Does It Mean for Law Firms?
Myriad factors are reducing the attainability and desirability of partnership. Associates are rewriting the rule of success and forcing firms to challenge old assumptions. Plus "Partnership Then and Now" and "Ideas for Motivating and Retaining Associates."
By Marian L. Carlson

Women in Law Firms: Redefining Success
Increasing retention and advancement of women lawyers means adopting a new mind-set and alternative work models. But flexible policies will provide no real benefit until lawyers can use them without penalty.  Quiz: "How effectively does your firm support retention and advancement of women lawyers?"
By Ida O. Abbott

Asking Your Firm for Accommodation: The Opt-Out Alternative
Corporate America introduces programs geared to provide the "breathing space" many professionals desire. In law firms, debates rage about accommodation issues like fairness, precedent, overhead and equities. Meanwhile, talented lawyers—particularly female and minority lawyers—slip out the doors. Before you do the same, consider this advice on how to talk to your firm about more accommodating work arrangements.
By Marty Africa

Planning Successful Transition Programs for Senior Counsel
Senior counsel programs recognize the meaningful roles that older lawyers can play in law firms. here's a guide to ensuring that both the lawyer and firm gain from the arrangement.
By Alan R. Olson

The Edge Roundtable

Career Development
Help your lawyers build their skills and develop their careers, and both they and the firm will reap the benefits. How to do it? Leading law firm professional development directors joined Edge International partner Karen MacKay in a discussion that resulted in a wealth of wide-ranging ideas on the issues involved in career development planning. Plus "Basic Elements of a Career Development Plan."
By Phillip M. Perry

Technology Feature

Technology and Stress: Grant Me Serenity
Information management today seems more like triage. Learn to control your tools with Jim Calloway's stress-busting tips.
By Jim Calloway

Product Watch

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Chair's Message: Susan G. Boswell's perspective.

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