October 23, 2012

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Section Events Calendar

Law Practice Benchmark

5 Things
What to Ask in Client Service Interviews
Learning what clients like and dislike about your services.
By Ann Lee Gibson

Trends Report
Passing the Torch While It's Still Lit
A growing number of firms are now addressing the issue of succession planning for older partners.
By Robert W. Denney

Ask Bill
Issues involved in transmitting e-mails in your law practice.
By Bill Gibson

Media: How Did They Do That?
A law firm must be responsive to its clients' business concerns, not just their immediate legal needs. Here's a firm that put the mantra into action.
By Richard Levick

The latest Law Practice Benchmark survey finds law firms  getting a bigger piece of a smaller pie.


As I Was Saying
Your Online Image: Where's the Client?
The Internet can transform relationships between lawyers and clients, creating a storng network of shared experiences and mega-referrals. but you have to take the lead.
By Wendy R. Leibowitz

Voice Over IP Comes of Age
With today's solutions, phone calls over the Internet at last seem practical. Plus, a tip for easy online backup.
By Rick Klau

Site Watch
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Courthouse
Online laughs from real-world law.

Practice Development

A page-turner ad, pumped-presentations and the best team leaders.
By Larry Bodine

Smart Practices

Turnig Conflict into Opportunity
Through the use of effective techniques, you can turn conflict around and actually offer individuals an opportunity to arrive at a win-win solution.
By Marcia Pennington Shannon

Fresh Out
Use Technology to Boost Your Success
Strategies for strengthening relationships and expanding market reach.
By Susan Saltonstall Duncan

10 Tips for Better IT Management
Advice on taking a broad view of how systems are purchased and implemented.
By Chuck Ange

Client-Friendly Web Sites: Road-Tested Tactics
Think you're using the Web to draw in clients? You might want to double-check. You could be driving them away instead. If you want your Web site to serve as the ultimate client developmen and service tool, you've gog to learn the rules of the raod. Plus "Think Before Your Spend: Preparing Your Site Road Map" and "Judge for Yourself: The 2004-05 IMA Awards."
By Micah Buchdahl

Client Relationship Management System Failure: How to Defy the Odds
Many law firms struggle with technologies that "should" allow them to track client information and produce meaningful marketing reports. Why do CRM efforts seem to have a dismal success rate? Too many start from the wrong place.
By Nancy Manzo

Clients, Technology and You: Practical Steps to Rev Up the Relationship
You may feel the pace of technology creates unrealistic, even annoying expectations. But try switching gears and start thinking of technology as a means of forging stronger and smoother connectiosn with clients. Here are tips for using your tools to keep your promises.
by Reba J. Nance

Practice Management Software: Getting It in Gear
Practice management software has the potential to affect your client relationships as few other tehcnology tools can. If you want to use your stystem more effectively, then put the pedal to the metal and insist on maximum use.
By Storm Evans

Practice Development

Are You Really Marketing? Time for a Reality Check
If you think law practice marketing consists of seminars, brochures and newsletters, a clever theme line and a Web site, you're only part of the way there. Worse, if you think marketing means doing good work and waiting for clients to call, sorry, but get real: You're fishing without a pole.
by Charles A. Maddock

LPM Leadership Directory: LPM's 2004-2005 leadership list.


Product Watch

LPM Central
Section news and events, with information on the new online Member Directory, the upcoming Fall Meeting in Colorado Springs, ABA TECHSHOW 2005 and more.

Chair's Message: Mark Robertson's perspective on our progress with the Internet.

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