October 23, 2012

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Section Events Calendar

5 Things
Make Corporate Counsel's Dreams Come True
Words and actions that matter.
By Ann Lee Gibson

Trends Report
Law Practice Marketing After 30 Years: "Are We Almost There?"
The bold advance of law firm marketing, post-Bates and onward.
By Robert W. Denney

Top Three Large Firm Strategies
Results from the most recent Law Practice Benchmark survey.

Ask Bill
How gender-blind is the road to firm leadership? A short history.
By Bill Gibson

Reader Meter
Zwicker's Practice Management 30
Our Bookmarks editor picks his favorite books from the past 30 years.
By Milton W. Zwicker

How Did They Do That?
A best practices catechism for law firm media success.
By Richard Levick


Dual Drive Technology Spotting
The long-time colleagues go head to head over technology picks.
By Erik J. Heels & Rick Klau

Personal Technology
The Future History of Legal Technology
Where is legal technology's great leap? A popular columnist’s adieu.
By Stephen Harhai

30 Sites for Our 30th Year
Recommendations from ABA TECHSHOW's 60 Sites in 60 Minutes team.
By Robert Ambrogi, Jim Calloway & Jeff Flax

E-voting: A Toddler Technology’s Insecurities
Is all-electronic voting simply having teething pains?
By Mark Tamminga

Practice Development

Soundly sleeping CEOs and stretched marketers.
By Larry Bodine

Smart Practices

Making Room for Dreams at Work
It may be time to look at your workplace through the eyes of the next generation.
By Marcia Pennington Shannon

Fresh Out
Reconnect with Your Dream
Pursue the aspects of the law that most reward and attract you.
By Susan Saltonstall Duncan

Reviews of Strategy Maps and The Global Guide to Law Firm and Lawyer Directories.
Edited by Milton W. Zwicker


Lawyer Dreams
Is it possible to live your dream? These lawyers prove you can. Profiles of Michael Coffield, Cassandra Sasso, Tama Kieves, David Foster, Robert Whitley, Mark Opashinov and Marilyn Kite. Plus “Follow That Dream: 10 Tips for Staying the Course.”
By Merrilyn Astin Tarlton

Law Practice Tomorrow: Missives from the Future
What might law practice look like in another 30 years? We asked some topflight thinkers to let loose their imaginations.

  • Marketing 2034 by Ross Fishman
  • Management 2034 by John Tredennick
  • Technology 2034 by Jerry Lawson
  • Finance 2034 by David Billinsky
  • Culture 2034 by Stephanie West Allen

The Young and the Restless
It’s a battle to recruit and retain the best and brightest. To win, law firms must understand what motivates a new generation of lawyers who have different definitions of success. Plus charts “Comparing Then & Now:
30 Years of Change.”

By Virginia Grant and Marci M. Krufka

LPM Section Dreaming
In honor of the ABA Law Practice Management Section’s 30th Anniversary, LPM’s top officers share their dreams for the Section’s future.


Technology Eye for the Curmudgeon Guy
Face it—business technology is fast becoming a niche and the vendors don’t even pretend to love us anymore. Still, there are bright spots and opportunities ahead of us. Think collaboration.
By G. Burgess Allison

NEW: LPM Central

LPM Nominating Commitee Report 2004

Chair's Message: Susan G. Boswell's perspective.

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