October 23, 2012

Reader Meter: Marketing Books




Reader Meter: Marketing Books

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5 Things
Differentiate Your Law Firm
Beyond visual and verbal clichés.
By Ross Fishman

Big Idea
Clean, Green Business Sense
Some law firms are taking innovative steps to demonstrate their green-friendly values.
By Merrilyn Astin Tarlton

Trends Report
Management Compensation: It's About Time
Are more firms willing to pay partners for managing?
By Robert W. Denney

Ask Bill
How can you stay ahead of the technology curve? The experts weigh in.
By Bill Gibson


As I Was Saying
Miles to Go Before We Sleep
A declaration of independence from old bad habits.
By Wendy Leibowitz

My Big Fast Geek Server
Upgrading a Web server can be tricky—but worth it.
By Erik J. Heels

Taking the Simplicity Out of TV
The endless cycle of new specifications nags television just like it does computers.
By Mark Tamminga

It's Spring Cleaning!
Tips for keeping your computer squeaky clean.
By G. Burgess Allison

The Future of Law Firm Marketing
Top site redesign strategies to boost business development.
By Hank Brigman

Practice Development

Usability in action, "corpus" into Cantonese and distributing tranquility.
By Larry Bodine

Costly Marketing Mistakes
Nobody wants to be a poster child for bad marketing.
By Sally J. Schmidt

Smart Practices

The Art and Science of Delegation
Learn to delegate and reap the benefits.
By Marcia Pennington Shannon

Fresh Out
Setting the State for Personal Marketing Success
Start thinking o yourself as an entrepreneur and rainmaker, and others will, too.
By Susan Saltonstall Duncan

Three reviews cover KM, legal fees, and the information revolution and your job.
By Milton Zwicker

Why and How to Advertise
Answers to frequently asked questions about law firm advertising.
By Joe Walsh

Get in the Game: Pitching Sales Full-Time
More firms are realizing that targeting the right clients and pitching services calls for a concentrated sales effort—that means bringing in a sales ace.
Plus: " Where Most Lawyers Fail in Business Development," " Are Alarm Bells Ringing in Your Firm?" and " Law Firm Sales and Business Development Roster."
By Larry Bodine

Master Your Rainmaking Messages: Scoring Clients
Effective networkers send messages through words and deeds that encourage relationships. When your message is memorable to them, you will be, too.
By Melissa Janis

Joining the Big Leagues: Break the Entry Barriers to Rainmaking
"Sales" averse? Shallow pockets? First-step phobic? Here's a look at common mind-sets that block the road to rainmaking—and techniques that will help you break through each one.
By Lawrence M. Kohn and Robert N. Kohn

Business Development: Sales and Marketing Training
Some lawyers are naturals at rainmaking. The kind who get new business just by sharing a cab with someone. But training and coaching programs can help the un-natural lawyer marketers achieve solid books of business as well.
By James A. Durham

Smart Practices Feature

Tattletale! Rewriting Attorney-Client Privilege
Let the word go forth: Any conversations that transpire in a lawyer's office may be repeated in a court of law. And any documents passed over a lawyer's desk may be stamped "Exhibit A" down the road. Is this really possible? It hinges on the fallout of several phenomena—including a move to muffle attorney-client privilege, the encouragement of permissive disclosure and the threat of noisy withdrawal.
By Phillip M. Perry

Technology Feature

The Future of Law Firm Marketing
Look for law firm Web sites to continue to improve marketing, branding, sales and client service efforts through the use of specialize content, as well as technologies an techniques that make this content more accessible to target markets.
By Hank Brigman

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Chair's Message: Susan G. Boswell on marketing.

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