October 23, 2012

Profitable Practices




Profitable Practices

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5 Things
Rules for Successful Joining
Sincerity will get you everywhere.
By Bob Weiss

Special Trends Report
What's Hot and What's Not in the Legal Profession
It’s back: Robert Denney & Associates’ 15th annual year-end report on the highs and lows of the legal profession.

Media: How Did They Do That?
How a media savvy law school improved its ranking.
By Richard Levick

People & Places
A Q&A with Bruce Olson 2004 ABA TECHSHOW program chair.

Ask Bill
18 Should you hire a coach? The experts weigh in.
By Bill Gibson


Social Networking Link by Link
A new breed of Web site aims for less
than six degrees of seperation.
By Rick Klau

ABA TECHSHOW Is Back and Better Than Ever
New tracks, hands-on training and world-class speakers.

Personal Technology
Do-It-Yourself Tech Projects
There's a lot to be said for self-sufficency.
By Stephen J. Harhai

Welcoming the Bad Guys into Your PC
Then inherent leakiness of Windows and the costs of security would tax the patience of a saint.
By Mark Tamminga

Smart Practices

Fresh Out
Building Strong Mentor Relationships
Be proactive, and define your needs.
By Susan Saltonstall Duncan

Resolve to Become a Better Supervisor: One Year Later
A report card for those who've made a New Year's resolution to hone their skills in 2004.
By Marcia Pennington Shannon

Practical tips for reducing junk mail and expert advise on leadership skills.
By Milton Zwicker

First Person
Instant Messaging: A Superhighway to Hell
Unless you've swallowed deadly poison for which he has the only known antidote, do not send an instant message to this lawyer.
By Daniel S. Coolidge

The Future Law Office: Going Virtual
Technology has forever changed the way we practice law. Perhaps it’s time to explore where law firms allow professionals to work as well. Is it the next way?
By Ron Friedmann

The Many Faces of E-Lawyering
Think of a lawyering verb—interview, investigate, counsel, advocate, negotiate, manage and so on—and there are orresponding electronic tools and techniques. Members of the ABA’s e-lawyering task force discuss “Everyday Law for Everyday People,” “E-Learning Tools,” “Document Assembly on Extranets,” Managing Cases Online,” “Browser Based Advice Systems,” and “Navigating in the World of Legal Cybernautics.”
By Richard Granat and Marc Lauritsen

Blogs as Disruptive Technology
In the future, the advantage will shift from custom-designed sites to sites built on easy-to-use templates and rocket-powered blog technology. Designer Web sites will make as much sense as $500 neckties. Plus: What Does a Blog Cost? and “ Blogging Firsthand.”
By Jerry Lawson

Building the Case for Knowledge Management
Saying that KM is more about people than about technology is a comforting thought in theory. In reality, you have a gap to bridge. Your lawyers are the vital link.
By Ginevra M. Saylor


New Ways of Managing Professional Firms
It’s tough for a law firm to stand a head above the competition, especially in a market that increasingly knows no geographic bounds. For some new ideas and tactics, why not look over the fence and exchange thoughts with leaders of a neighboring profession? Highlights from a special U.K. roundtable of top lawyers and accountants with international practices.


People & Places
Bruce Olson provides a peek at the highlights for the 2004 ABA TECHSHOW.

TECHSHOW is back and better than ever.


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