November / December 2003  Volume 29, Number 8
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, November/December 2003 Issue

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Smart Pads on the Wireless Web
Take intuitive interfaces. Add wireless connectivity. Factor in expert systems. Are we nearing the crest of another big change in law practice technology?
by Marc Lauritsen

SideBar: How I Support My Habit of Working Differently

VoIP Is Calling
A new class of telephony hardware and software enables users to inexpensively transmit calls over the Internet to anywhere in the world.
by David J. Bilinsky

Building Collaboration with Adobe Acrobat
Acrobat 6.0 has powerful new features for facilitating communications.
by Simon Chester

Beating Information Overload with News Aggregators
Wouldn’t it be great if we had a tool that allowed us to handle more information and obtain better-quality information? Now we do.
by Dennis M. Kennedy

How and Why to Try Open Source Software
You have an alternative to propriety software. Consider making the switch.
by Erik J. Heels

New Ways of Working with Microsoft Outlook
Learning the nuts and bolts will save you time and unnecessary grief.
by Dan Pinnington

Plus: “How I Support My Habit of Working Differently”
We asked David Hambourger, Stephen Harhai, Monica Bay and Wendy London to share their favorite gadgets and gizmos with us.


Front Lines Department

LPM Calendar of Events

Technology in Practice Department

Product Watch

Fresh Out - Susan Saltonstall Duncan on effective time management.

Managing - Marcia Pennington Shannon on how to involve associates in business development.

Marketing - Sally Schmidt discusses market research.

Practice Development Clips

YOUR FUTURE - A new leadership task force and more.

Chair's Message - Susan Boswell on technology’s advances.

RipIt! - Debra Fine’s tactics for making the most of mingling this holiday season—and beyond.

Bookmarks - Milt Zwicker reviews 50 Things to Do with the Rest of Your Life, a new book by Robert P. Wilkins.


Events and education.

The Old Heave-Ho

5 Things: Improve Your Presentations
Barbara Miller on improving your presentations.

Trends Report: As AR Heat Up, Fire Sales Cool 'Em Down
Robert Denney on controlling and collecting AR.

Ask Bill
Bill Gibson finds the answers to your questions.

Big Idea: Legal Services Online, Big-Time
Merrilyn Astin Tarlton on legal services over the Internet.

Media: How Did They Do That?
Richard Levick on a media kingfish.

Profitable Practices
How clients think law firms can help them improve performance without cutting fees.

Product Watch
Storm Evans with the lastest legal technology product news.

Reader Meter
LPM Section leaders recommend books for holiday giving.

As I Was Saying:
Can We Get the Romance Back?
Technology promised to liberate the profession from Plato’s cave. Have we missed our cues?
by Wendy R. Leibowitz Conjuring Up File-Sharing Magic
Meeting the need to network a couple of computers can teach you a lot about portability, backup and performance issues.
by Erik J. Heels

Site Watch: Invitation Only? Not
Hosting a seminar, networking event or holiday open house? Use to create e-mail invitations, poll invitees and save yourself some time.

E-Definitions: Tagging the Tracking the Planet’s Citizenry
Could a technology designed to monitor retail inventories keep tabs on every molecule on earth?
by Mark Tamminga

Practice Development Clips
Keeping it simple, winning a moose, and generating a keyword bonanza.
by Larry Bodine

Marketing: The Power of Market Research
Law firms should tap the full range of market research techniques when designing, implementing and measuring marketing activities.
by Sally J. Schmidt

Fresh Out:
Create Perspective and Balance
Effectively Managing Your Time
Young lawyers have chaotic schedules. Don’t let time conflicts prevent you from acquiring the skills and habits you need.
Checklist: Tips for Time Management
by Susan Saltonstall Duncan

Managing: Involving Associates in Business Development
Rainmakers are not born; they are developed. Give associates opportunities to learn and hone their business development skills.
by Marcia Pennington Shannon