October 2003  Volume 29, Number 7
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, October 2003 Issue

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The Edge Roundtable: Developing Law Firm Leaders
Law Practice Management's new Edge Roundtable series debuts with a discussion about identifying and developing leaders to guide your firm into the future.
H. Edward Wesemann, Moderator

Upward Feedback: Having Associates Evaluate Partners
Meaningfully evaluating partners' management skills can be a dicey process. Here's how to involve tomorrow's leaders -- your associates.
by Jeffrey C. Connor

Staff That Stays: Show Your Respect and Admiration
Guilty of "the lawyer attitude"? Show some respect and learn to practice good staff relations.
by June Matthews

Six Principles for Building Strong Partnerships
Having a solid partnership that stands the tests of time takes a huge effort. First step: Put the fundamentals in place.
by Stephen Weinstein


Front Lines Department

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Technology in Practice Department

Product Watch

Fresh Out - Susan Saltonstall Duncan on internal marketing opportunities.

Managing - Marcia Pennington Shannon on termination decisions.

Practice Development Clips

YOUR FUTURE / Member News

Chair's Message

FirstPerson - As the senior vice president and general counsel of the American Corporate Counsel Association, I talk to a lot of lawyers of color, both inside and outside counsel. You'd be surprised (or maybe you wouldn't) to hear some of their tales of diversity "worst practices."



Sleepless in Miami?

Events and education.

5 Things: Build Strategy into Your Web Site
Deborah McMurray on building strategy inot your Web site.

Trends Report: Practice Group Management Catches Fire
by Robert W. Denney

Ask Bill
by William Gibson

Big Idea: Getting Invested in Professional Development
Merrilyn Astin Tarlton on professional development, full time.

Media: How Did They Do That?
Richard Levick explores media successes.

Profitable Practices
How much are clients really paying?

People & Places

Product Watch
Storm Evans with the lastest legal technology product news.

Reader Meter: ABA LPM Top 10 Best-Sellers

News Readers: Feed Your Mind
Get more content, and context, in less time with aggregator technology.
by Rick Klau

Personal Technology: Lights, Camera, Action!
With a camcorder and video editing software, you can do some amazing things.
by Stephen J. Harhai

Site Chart: Words from the Wise (and Wisecrackers)
Feeling blank on bon mots? Anecdotage.com offers inspirational and humorous yarns that will untie your tongue.

E-Definitions: The Sweeping Ambitions of Digital Rights Management
A potential hammerlock on digital content has plenty of folks scared.
by Mark Tamminga

Practice Development
Web sites really do bring in business, and size does matter.
by Larry Bodine

Fresh Out:
Create Perspective and Balance
Advice for new lawyers on how to avoid burnout and dissatisfaction by establishing balance from the very start.
• Checklist: How to Maintain Perspective
by Susan Saltonstall Duncan

Managing: Does the Schoolyard Bully Work in Your Firm?
If bullying behaviors are spoiling your firm's environment, it's time to learn how to squelch the inappropriate behaviors and stop the abuse.
by Marcia Pennington Shannon