May/June 2003  Volume 29, Number 4
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, April 2003 Issue

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Business As Usual Goes on Trial

Trial practice isn't what it used to be. In this issue, we explore new tactics and tools for use inside and outside of the courtroom.

Technology and the Power of Persuasion
by Craig Ball
Put technology to work winning your cases. Get digital. Be visual. Thrill the jury and the judge with high-impact presentation tools.

Litigation Trends: What's on the Horizon?
LPM asked speakers at ABA TECHSHOW® 2003 to tell us what's next for litigation technology. Fasten your seatbelts.

The Rising Tide of E-Filing
by James I. Keane
You need to be wired if you are going to file with the courts of the 21st century.

Polishing Your Presentations: 10 Rules
by Rob Sherman
Truly great trial lawyers give the impression they are speaking from their souls, even if they know the script word for word.

Seven Psychological Principles You Can Use to Make Your Case
by Kim Munsinger and Harry Munsinger
How can you learn to persuade fact-finders more effectively? Psychologists have done the research for you.

Dealing with the Media: How to Protect and Enhance Your Clients' Interests
by Monica Bay
You can build your reputation and advocate your client's cause by responding appropriately to the press. Learn the ground rules.

Editor's Page - Merrilyn Astin Tarlton on ABA TECHSHOW®.

Technology in Practice Department

Product Watch

Practice Development Clips

Marketing - Sally Schmidt on marketing hires.

Fresh Out - Susan Saltonstall Duncan on niche building.

Managing - Marcia Pennington Shannon on flexibility and retention.

YOUR FUTURE / Member News - ABA Annual Meeting CLE highlights, Women Rainmakers' marketing tips, and in your e-mail inbox.

Chair's Message - John Tredennick on litigation moving from "BC to AD."

Bookmarks - Advice for online writing and for getting to agreement.

Editorial Calendar

ABA Law Practice Management Section Nominating Committee Report, 2003
Zen and the Art of Data Recovery
by Erik J. Heels
A quest to recover a cherished document uncovers the realities of compatibility.

Sitewatch: Persuasion Pros
Locate trial consultants at the ASTC Web site.

Feature: How Smart Firms Implement Case Management Systems
by Ross L. Kodner
Is case management the long-awaited killer application? It depends on your rollout.

E-Definitions: What's Shoehorned into That Software Package?
by Mark Tamminga
Whether it's shrink-wrapped or browser-wrapped, you're stuck with the license terms.

Product Watch
by Storm Evans
The latest legal technology news in the inbox-from ProLaw, Juris, RealLegal, CompuLaw and more. Plus Zinio in the Site Spotlight.

Practice Development Clips
by Larry Bodine
Mouth-watering marketing, a real dog of a campaign, and an in-house agency that really knows how to "imaginate."

Marketing: Finding the Right In-House Professional
by Sally J. Schmidt
Turnover among marketing staff is more prevalent than most firms would like to admit. Here is advice to help both law firm employers and their potential marketing professionals find the perfect match.

Fresh Out:
Build a Niche Expertise
by Susan Saltonstall Duncan
Develop a distinct area of expertise to become more valuable to your firm. Find a void and fill it-and advance your career.

Managing: Retaining Your Firm's Greatest Assets
by Marcia Pennington Shannon
Even in today's marketplace, attracting and retaining the best people requires much more than cash. You'll need to be flexible and creative to keep employees happy.