March 2003  Volume 29, Number 2

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Confidentiality: Dragons in the Digital Age

by David Hricik
Ethics dangers seem to lurk around every corner. Know the issues that arise when sensitive client information is kept or sent electronically.

E-mail Strategies: Battling Message Overload
by Kathleen Call
Is your inbox out of control? Put these pointers into action.

Tech Tools in the Law Office
Where are your dragons? We asked members of the ABA Law Practice Management Section to share their technology challenges.

Top Sites: In Search of Ethics on the Internet
by Robert J. Ambrogi
Find state conduct codes, ethics opinions and cutting-edge issues on the Web.

Take Cover: Backup Tips and Options for Smaller Firms
by Mark W. Martin
Without an effective backup and recovery plan, you put your entire practice in jeopardy. Explore top tactics for protecting data assets.

Choosing Case Management Software: Top Shopping Tips
by Andrew Z. Adkins III
Case management systems have grown more sophisticated and efficient. Here's what you need to know to choose a system that's right for your practice.

Rip It! How to Commit Malpractice with a Computer
by Storm Evans
The way you treat the information on your computer can jeopardize your compliance with ethics rules. Here's a checklist for avoiding trouble spots.

Editor's Page - Merrilyn Astin Tarlton on slaying tech dragons.

Your Future
Member News - The Spring Meeting Law Practice Summit in Austin, the new webzine and the latest books for you.
Section Calendar of Events
Chair's Message
- John Tredennick asks, why not a legal pre-flight plan?

Fresh Out - Susan Saltonstall Duncan creating good relationships.
Managing - Marcia Pennington Shannon on giving informal feedback.
Marketing - Sally J. Schmidt on outsourcing your projects.
Bookmarks - Advice for improving Web marketing, and why P.R. beats advertising.
Rip It! - Storm Evans' essential checklist on how-and how not-to commit malpractice with a computer.
Editorial Calendar


As I Was Saying: Did That E-mail Waive Privilege?
by Wendy Leibowitz
New standards are emerging as attorney-client privilege questions proliferate.

nothing.but.net: Changing Computers Before You Have To
by Erik J. Heels
It costs less to purchase and configure a new computer than to wait until the old one breaks. Lessons in good procedures and buying a new computer online.

Personal Technology: A Modest Proposal on Spam
by Stephen J. Harhai
Possible punishments and solutions for those who trash our inboxes.

E-Definitions: Funky Formulae for Sending Images to Mom
by Mark Tamminga
Understanding the best uses for different image formats, from BMP to TIFF to JPEG.

TechnoLawyer.com Feature: 10 Steps to Transform Word into a Legal Tool
by John Heckman
Customization tips for taming the beast we know as Microsoft Word 2002.

Product Watch
by Storm Evans
The latest legal technology news in the lpm-newproducts@abanet.org inbox.

Outsourcing Your Marketing Projects
by Sally J. Schmidt
A panoply of freelancers, consultants and vendors can make marketing easier for your firm. Here are ideas on how and when to outsource.

Fresh Out:
Benefit from Good Working Relationships
by Susan Saltonstall Duncan
Successful careers grow from collaborative approaches. Here's advice on building relationships that will help you earn credibility and respect.

Managing: The Power of Informal Feedback
by Marcia Pennington Shannon
Failing to give prompt feedback can cost you dearly in time, money or frustration later on. Three scenarios demonstrate the power of providing meaningful, timely feedback.