November / December 2003  Volume 29, Issue 8
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, November/December 2003 Issue
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Milton W. Zwicker

50 Things to Do with the Rest of Your Life
Robert Pearce Wilkins. (R.P.W. Publishing/Perfect Paperback, 2003.) $12.95.
ISBN: O-9608450-0-3.

Need a reminder that time’s in limited supply and you don’t have to spend it all at the office? There are many fun things to do if you just take the time to do them. Robert Wilkins, author of the delightful book 50 Things to Do with the Rest of Your Life describes how to accomplish this feat—and he adds the fun ingredients, too. What is his secret to “passionately” accomplishing the things you want to do? He writes, “Many people today have absolutely no control over their lives…. The simple act of thoughtfully preparing your list is your first step out of the bog.”

Wilkins, I’m sure, must have had lawyers in mind when he wrote those words because he himself is a retired lawyer. He was, in fact, the first editor of this very magazine (when it was known as Legal Economics) and formerly chaired the ABA Law Practice Management Section. He knows how to execute what he believes is important. Exhorting us to strike “I don’t have time” from our vocabularies, Wilkins advises: “Do what makes you happy. You can find the time.”

This is not a book of lists; on the contrary, the author is a great storyteller. I enjoyed, for example, the story he tells about a trip with his wife and friends aboard the barge Athos in the southern part of France on the Canal du Midi. The trip sounds like wonderful fun, so I’ve added it to my list of things to do.

Other stories and fun to-dos from the author are much closer at hand. Here’s a taste: “Whatever your career, it’s important to become involved in the organization or organizations that represent your field. In my case, those were the South Carolina Bar and the American Bar Association. I became active in them when I started practicing law. This not only benefited my practice, but also led me into some fascinating things and wonderful places I’d never imagined. The friendships and associations I forged over the years are truly part of the spice of life.”

Another great pointer: “Every day, tell someone you love him/her. It doesn’t have to be the same person each day. It might be a child, might be your spouse or your close friend…. Could be anybody.”
Packed with enjoyment, this is a book you’ll want to give to loved ones, friends and colleagues—especially those who believe in putting off things for another day.

Milton W. Zwicker ( is Managing Partner of Zwicker Evans & Lewis in Orillia, ONT, and the author of Successful Client Newsletters (ABA, 1998).