November / December 2003  Volume 29, Issue 8
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, November/December 2003 Issue
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Product Watch
edited by Storm Evans
On the hunt for ways to make your practice hum? Here’s the latest legal technology news in the inbox.

Time and Billing Enhancements

Now available from Software Technology, Inc., the latest version of Tabs III provides easier-to-use entry forms, stores more detailed information and offers even more professional-looking statements and reports. In Version 11, several forms, including fees, costs, invoices and journal entries, have been streamlined for quick data entry. A ledger also has been added to the bottom of forms. This allows users to save time and avoid mistakes by easily reviewing the last few transactions recorded for a client or the last few transactions entered by a person in their firm. In addition, with a new drag-and-drop statement designer, users can place images, text and data on a client’s statement. New proportional fonts and revised layouts make Tabs III statements and reports easier to read as well. Reports are also more comprehensive. Tabs III now lets users track hours worked and hours billed separately. So even if a firm gives a client a discount by writing down the number of hours billed on a statement, productivity reports can reflect the hours actually worked.
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Client Relationship Management

Interface Software has released InterAction 5.1, the latest version of its relationship intelligence solution for professional services firms. The company also announced its new Data Quality Services and a new optional module, InterAction Contact Verifier. Combined, the releases offer a comprehensive client relationship management (CRM) solution designed to ensure high data quality and application usability. InterAction 5.1 incorporates data-change management functionality directly into the PIM/PDA synchronization process. The Contact Verifier module lets organizations request updates directly from their clients or contacts. The organization sends its contacts customized communications that display core business card elements, including name, company, address and so forth. Recipients are directed to an editable secure Web page that allows them to update their existing contact details and submit changes directly to the InterAction database for real-time automatic updates.
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Practice Systems Recovery

Juris, Inc., has entered into a strategic partnership with LiveVault Corporation, enabling Juris to offer the LiveVault Online Backup and Recovery Service as a data protection solution to its customers. Juris builds and supports law practice business systems with features including paperless time slips, professional billing, accounts receivable, management reporting, general ledger, financial reporting, trust accounting, accounts payable, bank reconciliation and conflict search. The LiveVault Online Backup and Recovery Service is able to fully back up all of these applications and provide for “one-click” restore in just minutes. The service continuously backs up business server data via a secure Internet connection and immediately stores it in an off-site facility, where it is available for immediate recovery in the event of a system failure, virus or other disaster.
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Desktop Communication Integration

j2 Global Communications, Inc. recently announced that its eFax (Internet faxing) and jConnect (unified communications) subscription services will be available via upcoming Microsoft Office 2003 editions. The integration provides a simple solution for desktop communications. From within the Microsoft Office environment, users will be able to subscribe to eFax or jConnect, select a unique local telephone number from among the more than 1,000 cities worldwide served by j2 Global, and begin using fax and unified messaging services immediately. Localized registration for the services will be available to MS Office users in any of the 18 countries in which j2 Global provides local telephone numbers.

File-Server Document Management

ColumbiaSoft has released Document Locator 2.0, a new version of its document management system for Microsoft Windows servers. Document Locator enables organizations to intuitively store, quickly access and affordably manage any volume of documents that can be saved on Microsoft file servers, including scanned documents, PDFs, AutoCAD, HTML, e-mail and standard MS Office applications. Document Locator users can rapidly set up approval and notification processes, automatically and securely publish documents to the Web, and set up the system to perform routine chores such as importing and archiving documents. Document Locator stores documents inside SQL Server 2000 so they are full-text indexed as they are saved.
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Team-Building Resources

CPP, Inc., has released updated second editions of its best-selling MBTI Teambuilding Program: Leader’s Resource Guide and its Introduction to Type and Teams booklet. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the premier assessment tool for understanding individual personality differences and,thereby, applying that understanding to the ways we work and interact, to facilitate improved communications for the entire team. The MBTI Teambuilding Program provides everything needed to conduct a complete team-building session. Its flexible format permits workshops from one hour up to a full day. The second edition features a new, more user-friendly training design with updated exercises and handouts, as well as Microsoft PowerPoint support.
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Wireless E-mail Access

Synchrologic Email Accelerator provides real-time wireless access to corporate e-mail, contacts, calendars and task lists through Pocket PC and Palm handheld devices. This new solution allows lawyers to stay connected and productive through a highly secure server-based wireless platform, providing instantaneous e-mail communications and delivering the critical files and attachments needed to quickly respond to clients or internal communications. Going beyond wireless e-mail, Synchrologic Email Accelerator also automatically extracts data from electronic travel itineraries and imports them into the lawyer’s calendar along with driving directions, maps and local weather.
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Real-Time Depositions Text

Speche Communications now offers real-time text of depositions on a Web-based platform. Rather than flying to an out-of-town deposition, members of the trial team can follow along with the proceedings on a real-time basis by tracking the text feed coming directly from the court reporter’s Windows-based translation system. The output from the court reporter’s translation software is transferred to a server at Speche Communications, where it is converted to an Internet stream and then made available only to members of the trial team at any location in the world. Individuals viewing the text have options that include changing the text font, searching, printing, copying and pasting. The process of transferring the verbal exchange into streaming text on the Web page takes place instantly.

Storm M. Evans ( is a practice support consultant at P.O. Box 27370, Philadelphia, PA 19118-0370. She is the author of the ABA book Time Matters® in One Hour for Lawyers .