October 2003  Volume 29, Issue 7
October 2003 Issue
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Site Watch: Words from the Wise (and Wisecrackers)

 When you're feeling blank on bons mots, turn to www.anecdotage.com. It has thousands of inspirational and humorous yarns to help untie your tongue for networking events and speaking engagements. You can use its "Anecdotes from Gates to Yeats" to put the zip and color in your written materials, too. Either type in a search term or click on one of the category icons, from business, politics, science, sports or crime, to literature, philosophy, food or war. You'll also find anecdotes on anecdotes themselves, in a section that covers their origins and evolutions, from ancient Greece to the present day. And don't miss the Editor's Choice list, where the pithy selections include humorous anecdotes about Justices John Marshall and Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.