October 2003  Volume 29, Issue 7
October 2003 Issue
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Product Watch
Edited by Storm Evans

Ease-of-Use Time and Billing
Best Software has released Timeslips 2004 and Timeslips for Sole Practitioners 2004. New features make time entry easier, save time and money and add more value with the inclusion of modules such as Split _Billing and Fee Allocation, as well as a legal _dictionary for spell checking within the product. For small firms with more than two timekeepers, which may require a network-ready environment, Timeslips 2004 is the best solution, while Timeslips for Sole Practitioners 2004 is designed for small firms with only one or two timekeepers. New features in the Timeslips 2004 line include E-Mail Bills, for one-step e-mail billing; TSTimer, which allows a user to make a single click on the TSTimer icon to create a time entry in an active timer; and My Lists, a customizable feature that allows each user to define a personal list of clients and task names for more efficient management of time and expenses. Also new in this release is the Timeslips Accounting Link (TAL Pro) for Peachtree, providing tighter integration between Timeslips and Peachtree Accounting.
CONTACT: (800) 285-0999; www.timeslips.com.

EZPayment means to eliminate the time-consuming and costly processes of sending paper invoices and reminder letters and of recording and depositing checks. Instead, firms upload their invoices and then their clients, who are immediately notified via e-mail, view the invoices online. Clients can also pay online using true 128-bit SSL encryption via electronic funds transfer for processing through the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank. And EZPayment goes beyond electronic funds transfer by helping lawyers and other professionals to automate their entire accounts receivable process. Learn more at www.ezpaymentservices.com.

PDF Plug-In for Document Management
Although document management systems are now integral to the law office, vast numbers of electronic documents are still being lost, duplicated, overwritten and archived without profiles. Omtool’s Swiftwriter is a new Adobe Acrobat plug-in that reduces the time and effort required to create, profile and save PDFs into a wide array of document management systems, including Hummingbird’s DM, iManage’s WorkSite and Xerox’s DocuShare. Swiftwriter adds a previously unavailable “Save to DMS” toolbar icon and menu option to PDF viewers, so documents can be profiled and saved on the fly the first time a document is accessed. This one-button convenience streamlines work flows and helps reduce the number of documents that remain untouched in e-mail inboxes or untraceable on local and network drives.
CONTACT: www.swiftwriter.com.

Immigration Law Package
ImmForms Plus Version 4.0, from West, is a complete package of forms and resources to expedite the process of finding, drafting and producing forms to facilitate immigration-related actions. It combines Westlaw and CD-ROM technology for an always up-to-date product. The CD-ROM includes more than 145 immigration law forms, and users are also linked to Westlaw for extensive occupational and employment data. In addition to resources for completing forms, ImmForms Plus includes use of several online databases, including the Occupational Outlook Handbook, Occupational Employment Statistics, Dictionary of Occupational Titles and O*Net, the Occupational Information Network. The program includes customized report-building tools to help lawyers manage cases better. Users further benefit from streamlined data-entry features, while gaining step-by-step guidance on completing their forms accurately. Plus, users can choose to optimize their ImmForms Plus subscription by adding seven optional databases.
CONTACT: http://west.thomson.com.

Corporate Compiance Management
Secretariat Enterprise Version 6.2 is now available from Bridgeway Software, Inc. The offering combines Bridgeway’s corporate secretary automation solution, Secretariat, with secure, real-time access via the Web; robust hierarchy charting; and controlled logical group access by business group or region. The Secretariat Enterprise suite provides a single, integrated solution for recording, tracking, reporting, analyzing and managing information. It manages the information contained in a corporation’s minute books, recalling history, creating hierarchical charts, posting important calendar events and distributing key information. In addition, integration with third-party products allows creation of forms and documents with HotDocs, synchronization with corporate calendars like Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, document management with iManage or Hummingbird DM systems and corporate filings with CTAdvantage.com.
CONTACT: (888) 272-4699; www.bridge-way.com.

Handheld Time Tracking
Timetag, Inc., a time-tracking system provider, recently announced an alliance with Research In Motion (RIM), maker of the popular BlackBerry wireless handhelds. Timetag has developed an easy-to-use time-tracking system that leverages a law firm’s existing investment in BlackBerry and Microsoft Outlook. Forwarding call-log entries captures time spent on phone calls made using a BlackBerry Wireless Handheld, and users can also create time entries by sending simple e-mail messages. In addition, Timetag sends reminders and summary reports every day to encourage users to make daily time entries.
CONTACT: www.timetag.com.

Bar Coded Timekeeping
Client Time Meter, from Less2do Software, is designed to take the tedium out of month-end billing tasks at law firms. Through a printed list of bar codes for clients and a handheld scanner, timekeepers in firms can quickly record time electronically as they are working—all without knowing how to use a computer. Client Time Meter prints bar codes for your clients by reading Timeslips or QuickBooks, then puts entries into the billing software without anyone typing them.
CONTACT: www.less2do.com.

Storm M. Evans ( lpm-newproducts@abanet.org) is a practice support consultant at P.O. Box 27370, Philadelphia, PA 19118-0370. She is the author of the ABA book Time Matters® in One Hour for Lawyers ( www.abanet.org/lpm/catalog).