September 2003  Volume 29, Issue 6
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, September 2003 Issue
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Reader Feedback: Letters to the Editor

Elder Law in Action
For several years I've been listing elder law as a hot and growing practice area. As a result, I've had requests on how to build that practice. Now I've got something to give them ["Catering to Your Clients: Building an Elder Law Practice," by Milton W. Zwicker, July/August 2003] and a knowledgeable expert (Milt Zwicker) to refer them to. Great job!

Bob Denney, Robert Denney Associates, Inc., Wayne, PA

Crayons and Creativity
What is my reaction to the firm that uses crayons to stimulate creativity and fun? "Why has it taken them so long to see the value of that?" ["Big Idea," by Merrilyn Astin Tarlton, July/August 2003.] But then … I have lamented for many years that it would be perceived as less than serious of me if I appeared at my law firm clients' offices in my hand-painted silk clothing, crafts jewelry and the whimsical clothes I have designed. But you see, it is all the same thing. I would love for partners to think to themselves if they saw me so attired, "This is a creative person, and she can help us to be better and more creative."

I would like them all to stop fearing anything they consider to be "touchy-feely" (though they are getting less resistant to that, in general--it's about time!), to welcome improv techniques and theater games and other techniques for creative brainstorming…. I think firms would be more productive and creative if they encouraged people to use the strengths of their personal behavioral styles and, within the bounds of decorum and good taste, experiment with the many aspects of personal style. I am not suggesting that this be an everyday occurrence, but let's say once a month to start. Just the experience of looking at their colleagues anew would be of value. They might find their firms full of intriguing and stimulating people that they had not noticed or appreciated fully before.

Phyllis Weiss Haserot, Practice Development Counsel, NY

UCITA Update
I read with interest Mark Tamminga's recent column ["E-Definitions: What's Shoehorned into That Software Package?" May/June 2003]. It lists the Web site. You should know that the coalition's name changed in 2000 to AFFECT (Americans for _Fair Electronic Commerce Transactions) and, although the 4cite URL still works, people can access the site at Also, to add to the evidence of UCITA's failure, four states have passed UCITA "bomb-shelter" legislation (WV, NC, IA, VT) that would protect the citizens of a state with the "bomb-shelter" from the long reach of UCITA in choice of law clauses. Further information about the "bomb-shelter" is available on the AFFECT Web site.

Carol Ashworth, Coordinator, Americans for Fair Electronic Commerce Transactions, Washington, DC

New Department Kudos
I do like the new FrontLines section of Law Practice Management. It is a quick read. Having written this, you must understand that I am biased and extremely proud of our Section's magazine. (And I have nothing to do with it!) It is a great resource, a valuable member benefit and continues to be one of the publications that I read cover to cover.

Heather D. Jefferson, Stradley Ronon, Wilmington, DE

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