September 2003  Volume 29, Issue 6
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, September 2003 Issue
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by Larry Bodine

Videotaped testimonials
The Rosen Law Firm, in Raleigh, North Carolina, lets its clients do the talking about how good it is. And it does so on its Web site, which features videotaped client testimonials at /ppf/ID/598/testimonials.asp. Very impressive. The firm practices only in divorce law. The site features a video of a 37-year-old pharmaceutical rep who talks about going to marriage counseling, which didn't work, so he then called the firm-he says that he "felt very comfortable" and "it worked out great. They were super, they kept in contact with me." There's also a video of a 47-year-old self-employed certified financial planner and a 52-year-old self-employed father of two. This is Web marketing at its best.

For professionals only
As of July, law firms are now able to get Web addresses with the .pro extension. " The exclusive .pro Web address presents a way for you to distinguish yourself online and indicates that you care about electronic security, client privacy and confidentiality and your digital identity," touts the blurb online at Registrypro. Only doctors, lawyers and CPAs will be able to obtain the .pro extension.

Built to suit clients
I just received the annual report of the Pennsylvania-based firm Buchanan Ingersoll (, and it is excellent. What makes the 16-page glossy review so good is that it organizes the firm's accomplishments by industry and not by practices. Clients, of course, think of themselves as being in industries, so the report is built around the way clients think. The annual review covers pharmaceuticals, technology, energy, financial institutions, health care and real estate. The last page covers lawyers included in Best Lawyers in America, various accolades, plus diversity and pro bono results. Kudos to director of client services Jeanne Hammerstrom for another fine job.

Get ready for visitors!
"Company is coming," my mother used to say with a tone of alarm, which would lead to a frenzy of tidying up the house. Firms should put the same amount of effort into sprucing up their Web sites for visitors. Don't leave your site in the same condition it was a month ago. Your clients, prospects and future hires will expect the site to be clean (no broken links), fresh (new content) and comfortable (built around their interests).

Do you give your clients access?
Among the great marketing tidbits in the June 2003 AmLaw Tech magazine was a report on a survey of corporate legal departments of the Fortune 500. Forty-seven percent of clients said their outside law firms had set up an extranet that the in-house lawyers can access. The law firms of 52 percent of clients had not set up extranets. There's a marketing opportunity if I ever saw one. If you don't provide extranets for your clients, now's the time to start. Oh, and only 14 percent of in-house legal departments had electronic or online access to portions of their law firm's knowledge management system. Now there's another marketing opportunity.

Larry Bodine ( is a Web and Marketing Consultant who advises law firms on how to get more business. Based in Glen Ellyn, IL, he can be reached at (630) 942-0977.