September 2003  Volume 29, Issue 6
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, September 2003 Issue
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Product Watch

edited by Storm Evans


Call Tracking and Cost Recovery
Service Intellect has released Call Tracker 4.0, its latest call tracking and cost recovery software for users of Best Software's Timeslips program. Call Tracker offers firms the ability to track calls and recover call expenses no matter where the calls originate--the main office, satellite facilities or from the road. It's adaptable for use by service professionals ranging from solo practitioners to enterprise-level firms. Call Tracker's features include ease of use, automatic linking, seamlessly assigned account codes, remote and multisite calling, strong reporting functions and a try-it-before-you-buy-it policy.
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Improved PDF Functionality
PDF Sages and Apago have teamed to deliver PDF Enhancer 1.0.1. It's a powerful utility for modifying, optimizing, securing and repurposing PDF files, from slide shows and forms to the highest-quality printed documents. PDF Enhancer's file optimization technology analyzes a PDF file to determine the best methods to reduce file-size bloat. By optimizing a PDF file for its intended use, its size can be significantly reduced--saving storage space, network bandwidth, time and money. The program is available in two desktop versions, Standard and Professional, as well as a server version.

Software Training Guide
2b1 inc. recently announced Amicus V Basic Training (AVBT). AVBT is a training and reference guide that helps users master the basic features and day-to-day functionality of their Amicus Attorney software. Through action-based links, users learn step by step how to perform tasks such as entering appointments, creating contacts and files, tracking phone calls and the like. Simple button clicks and clear menus make the training easy to use.
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Research Access Within Office Suite
LexisNexis U.S. has announced it will partner with Microsoft to add free legal research to the 2003 release of Microsoft Office. LexisNexis is providing the legal research option on Microsoft's new Research Task Pane featured in the Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access programs included in Microsoft Office 2003. The Research Task Pane will allow the user to highlight words or phrases in a document and search several online research databases from directly within the program. Users selecting LexisNexis will be able to match their search term against the company's free database of summaries of court decisions found on its LexisONE legal portal. For a fee, users can then expand their research using the LexisNexis Shepard's Citation Service to determine the validity of a case. The ability to access legal research directly from within the Microsoft Office suite promises valuable time savings for legal professionals.

CourtEXPRESS has a new version of its Web site with additional courts and updated features. New features include Class Action Alerts and hourly tracking for newly filed documents. Restyled pages provide intuitive navigation and efficient, fast input. The new site was developed after a customer survey showed that clients prefer a "one-stop" site where they can retrieve state and federal dockets, establish case alerts, conduct research and obtain documents the same day from any U.S. court. Sign on at

PDF File Customization
Appligent, Inc., recently released AppendPDF Pro 3.0. This Portable Document Format-related software solution enables organizations to dynamically assemble sections from PDF documents to build a completely new version with a choice of personalized features, such as a cover page and table of contents. This allows any PDF file to be automatically built and customized to the needs of each individual requesting specific information. New features of AppendPDF Pro include support for using the industry standard XML format. In addition, the new release offers a variety of stamping features, including headers or footers, page numbers, rotated text or graphics, sophisticated typographic effects and Bates numbering for legal documents.

New Access to Court Rules
Software Technology, Inc. (STI), has announced an agreement to integrate its PracticeMaster practice management software with CompuLaw's court rules. The integration will allow law firms using PracticeMaster's firmwide calendar to access CompuLaw's comprehensive jurisdiction-specific rules sets, reducing the possibility of missing deadlines through error-prone and time-consuming manual docket calculations. PracticeMaster helps save time for law firm employees by creating a firmwide calendar, automating conflict of interest searches and organizing case files information with different areas of practice templates. PracticeMaster also offers contact management, e-mail management, custom reporting and document assembly. The integration with CompuLaw's rules is designed to provide firms with more powerful case monitoring and practice management. In addition, PracticeMaster integrates with STI's TABS III billing and accounting software as well as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Palm handhelds and QuickBooks accounting software.
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Call Announcing Application
Advanced Productivity Software, Inc. (APS), recently announced a partnership with DataMate, makers of DataTel call announcing software. Through the partnership, APS will extend its time tracking product line as a reseller of DataTel. DataTel call announcing software has benefits similar to "instant messaging" but with numerous added features and built-in security options that are crucial for law firms. It allows law firm personnel to communicate more quickly, effectively and professionally.

Integrated Transaction Recording
GoldMine Plus Accounting for use with QuickBooks is now available from FrontRange Solutions, Inc. The new release allows users to integrate their QuickBooks accounting data directly into GoldMine, providing a single, unified record for customer transactions. Designed for any business professional tired of using separate, unrelated systems to access customer, sales, accounting and operational data, GoldMine Plus Accounting for use with QuickBooks provides customer contact and financial information in one spot, eliminating the need to launch a separate version of QuickBooks Pro. Users can create estimates and invoices that are linked to sales information in GoldMine, avoid duplicate entries and share data between programs.

Time-Tracking Module
Best Software has announced a new module for Carpe Diem Electronic Time Sheet, called Missing Time Detective. The new module tracks down unaccounted billable hours, so law firms can charge for every dollar earned. It ensures that time is accounted for by automatically e-mailing timekeepers whenever they have not posted enough time. Missing Time Detective also bridges the gaps between Carpe Diem and your firm's time and billing system by telling you whenever there's a difference between the systems. Customizable e-mail alerts are sent automatically to supervisors and timekeepers. Hyperlinks from e-mail notifications link directly to detailed information concerning missing time. Security settings determine what is included in e-mail hyperlinks. Plus, the software's Web-based design means that there's no need to install client software.
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