September 2003  Volume 29, Issue 6
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, September 2003 Issue
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Rescue your marketing plan with advice from these top 15 recommended marketing books.

Legal Marketers' Desert Island Book List

If all the world's lawyers were stranded on a desert island with only one book on legal marketing, which one would you recommend it be? LawMarketing ListServ members came up with this list of the quintessential law marketing books. The LawMarketing discussion group can be found online at

  • The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Law Practice, edited by Hollis Hatfield Weishar and James A. Durham. ABA, 2001. (A new edition is due by the end of 2003.)

  • Get Clients Now! A 28-Day Marketing Program for Professionals and Consultants by C. J. Hayden. AMACOM, 1999.

  • How to Get and Keep Good Clients, 2nd Edition, by Jay G Foonberg. NALEM, 1990.

  • Inside Outside: How Businesses Buy Legal Services by Larry Smith. ALM Publishing, 2002.

  • The Invisible Touch: The Four Keys to Modern Marketing by Harry Beckwith. Warner Books, 2000.

  • The Law Firm Marketer's Guide to Survival by Jim Durham. Management Concepts, 1998.

  • The Lawyer's Guide to Marketing on the Internet, 2nd Edition, by Gregory H. Siskind, Deborah McMurray and Richard P. Klau. ABA, 2002.

  • Marketing and Legal Ethics: The Boundaries of Promoting Legal Services, 3rd Edition, by William E. Hornsby, Jr. ABA, 2000.

  • Marketing the Law Firm: Business Development Techniques by Sally J. Schmidt. Law Journal Seminars Press, updated semiannually.

  • Rain Making: The Professional's Guide to Attracting New Clients by Ford Harding. Adams Media, 1994.

  • Rainmaking Made Simple: What Every Professional Must Know by Mark M. Maraia. Professional Services Publishing, 2003.

  • Selling the Invisible: A Field Guide to Modern Marketing by Harry Beckwith. Warner Books, 1997.

  • SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham. McGraw-Hill Trade, 1988.

  • Through The Client's Eyes: New Approaches to Get Clients to Hire You Again and Again, 2nd Edition, by Henry W. Ewalt. ABA, 2002.

  • The Trusted Advisor by David Maister, Charles Green and Robert Galford. Free Press, 2000.

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