September 2003  Volume 29, Issue 6
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, September 2003 Issue
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Profitable Practices: What's Keeping Clients Up at Night?



Counting sheep at night? Dream up solutions to clients' _problems instead. When asked "what one legal issue really keeps you up at night," here's how corporate counsel at the Fortune 1000 companies responded:

Clients' Primary Concerns for the Coming Year:

  1. Accounting Crisis ...... 29%
  2. Litigation ................... 27%
  3. Risk Exposure ........... 12%
  4. Intellectual Property ..... 7%

From "BTI's Billing Rate Reference for the Legal Services Industry 2003," with information obtained directly from interviews with 215 of the Fortune 1000 corporate counsel. For details, visit The BTI Consulting Group, Boston at