July/August 2003  Volume 29, Issue 5
July/August 2003 Issue
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Product Watch
Edited by Storm Evans lpm-newproducts@abanet.org

FindLaw, Inc., has unveiled the largest free library of legal publications available on the Internet. The FindLaw Library contains more than 8,000 documents published by bar associations, legal publishers, prominent firms and the federal government. You can read articles, newsletters, book excerpts and complete books on a variety of legal topics. The full-text searchable documents are organized into more than 200 topics, ranging from Administrative Law to Y2K liability. Get your library card at http://library.findlaw.com.

Web-based Matter Management
Serengeti Law has released Serengeti Tracker 5.3, the latest version of its Web-based matter management system. This release provides new features specifically for large corporate law departments, as well as enhancements for law firms submitting electronic bills to corporate clients. New features include quick setup of multiple-tier law department practice groups, new management reports and custom allocation of legal bills to multiple cost centers. Additional features facilitate budget management, including phase-based budgeting for litigation. Law firms working with corporate clients will benefit from Tracker Speed Post, which streamlines the submission of electronic bills. New invoice submission tools also help firms quickly resolve problems with LEDES bills. Core functionality includes secure legal file sharing among in-house and outside teams, electronic bill review and auditing, budget management and on-demand performance reporting. Current users don't need to install or pay for upgrades to the system.
Contact: www.serengetilaw.com.

Automatic Disc Duplication
Ten X Technology now offers an automatic CD-ROM duplication feature for all models of TenXpert Network CD-ROM Servers and Systems. Customers using TenXpert drive towers or jukeboxes with a CD-ROM recorder may select a CD to duplicate, choose the number of copies desired, click on OK and sit back and let TenXpert do the rest. TenXpert will automatically burn the specified number of copies on CD-R blanks installed in the system. The new copies are immediately available online to users after recording, via the TenXpert network server. TenXpert CD-ROM/DVD-ROM servers offer features such as duplication, recorder support, hard-disk caching, jukebox support and 600-CD capacity.
Contact:(512) 918-9182; www.tenx.com.

Demonstrative Evidence System
DOAR Communications is a resource for fully integrated, high-impact demonstrative evidence systems. The company combines expertise in visual technology, litigation consulting, jury research and courtroom technology to provide the tools and services needed to take full advantage of technology in the courtroom. Services include the DOAR Digital Evidence Presentation Systems (DEPS), which integrates presentation of documentary, physical and computer-based evidence, enabling litigators to communicate their messages with precision. DEPS includes video and digital display technology and supports real-time reporting, videoconferencing and most computer-based evidence systems. Other DOAR products include Wireless Communicator, which projects photos, documents, transparencies and the like directly to TV; and Trial Illustrator, which allows the witness or lawyer to highlight evidence images on monitors.
Contact: (516) 823-4000; www.doar.com.

Trial Team Thinking Tool
CaseSoft, a division of DecisionQuest, has announced CaseMap 2.5. The software makes it easy to organize, explore and communicate thinking about the facts, the cast of characters and the issues in a case. CaseMap helps build fact chronologies, witness lists, document indexes, issue analyses and many other types of custom reports about case knowledge. Using CaseMap 2.5, multiple trial team members can simultaneously view and edit a case file stored on a firm's network. New features include importing, a spelling checker and linking to additional document imaging systems (such as Opticon, DocuLex and Adobe Acrobat), automatic report titling and custom case chronologies.
Contact:(904) 273-5000; www.casesoft.com.

Security Against Executable Files
Finjan Software, specializing in Internet mobile code security, recently announced the development of new software technology capable of monitoring "executable" (.exe) files for malicious activity in a safe, "sandbox" environment. Finjan's SurfinShield Corporate provides sophisticated run-time monitoring of executables. This approach allows important files to pass through corporate or law firm networks while blocking harmful code. The announcement comes at a time when real-time monitoring technologies are in high demand because of the recent ExploreZip.exe and PrettyPark.exe attacks, which occurred amid the popularity of executable files for transmitting viruses, worms and other computer vermin.
Contact: www.finjan.com.

Online Research System
LEXIS Publishing has launched the lexis.com research system, which integrates new tools for finding, analyzing and validating information. The first phase of the new research system is available through lexis.com. Using LEXIS Search Advisor, a new classification structure for legal content that is built on practice areas, produces specific search results. Using Core Terms, on-point case law displays in descending order of significance. And Classification System enables researchers to use a relevant passage within a case as the basis to retrieve additional documents that closely resemble that passage, dealing with either factual or legal issues, or both. In addition, SHEPARD'S Citations Service incorporates new search and navigation features that allow more complete access to published and unpublished decisions.
Contact: www.lexis-nexis.com.

Easy Document Customization
Softwise has introduced Macrosuite Version 2.9, a robust Visual Basic and macro application that streamlines and standardizes document creation. MacroSuite integrates into the Word or WordPerfect environment with custom toolbars, keyboards and menu bars to help users create standardized letters, fax cover sheets and pleadings, among other documents. It also integrates with DOCS Open, WORLDOX, iManage and Encompass-as well as with third-party address book software. This new release includes enhancements to the program's NumberingSuite and PleadingSuite components. Among them, PleadingSuite now contains new forms-Proof Service and Verifications.
Contact: www.softwise.net.

Document Hosting Solution
CaseCentral.com is a document hosting and litigation management system designed to give legal teams the ability to search and retrieve case-related documents from anywhere, at any time. Its built-in features enable teams to communicate and collaborate. By transferring data management to the Internet, legal teams can access a single, integrated source for case management. Instead of storing millions of pages of documents in offline databases, CaseCentral.com allows litigators to outsource storage and management of case-related materials and still have instant access to the information.
Contact: www.casecentral.com.

Storm M. Evans ( lpm-newproducts@abanet.org) is a practice support consultant at P.O. Box 27370, Philadelphia, PA 19118-0370. She is the author of the ABA book Time Matters® in One Hour for Lawyers ( www.abanet.org/lpm/catalog).