May/June 2003  Volume 29, Issue 4
May/June 2003 Issue
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Technology / Innovating
Persuasion Pros

If you're looking for a trial consultant, turn to—the site of the American Society of Trial Consultants—and check out the Consultant Locator feature. ASTC members come from different fields such as communication, psychology, sociology, linguistics, political science and law. But they share the goal of understanding the dynamics of the trial process. The site provides a full list of members, along with their contact information, areas of practice (e.g., civil, criminal, plaintiff, defense or prosecution) and areas of consulting (e.g., case theory, mock trials, focus groups, juror questionnaires, voir dire development and exhibit design). You can also link to communication, psychology and general social science sites to do your own research on persuasion principles and other topics.