April 2003  Volume 29, Issue 3
April 2003 Issue
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Technology / Innovating
Product Watch
edited by Storm Evans

Full-Function Billing Management
DATA.TXT Corporation, developer of Time Matters, has introduced Billing Matters, its new billing practice management product. In addition to all the familiar Time Matters features, such as QuickPik, QuickTabs, Triggers, AutoEntry Forms and New Record Inheritance, the Billing Matters program has the full set of Time Matters user-level options. It offers a high level of functionality in accounts receivable, including split fee, flat fee and allocated fees, plus trust accounting, budgeting and productivity reporting. Billing Matters is not a separate module with a separate database-instead, it totally integrates into the core source code and database engine of Time Matters. Billing Matters will also link to QuickBooks 2002/2003 Pro, Premier and Enterprise versions.
CONTACT: www.timematters.com.

Document Scanning Services
To help organizations access information buried in their filing cabinets and storage facilities, Kinko's, Inc. has developed a scanning and retrieval system called Kinko's Document Scanning Services. It provides relief to firms facing the challenges of storing, managing and locating critical information among volumes of hard-copy documents. The service converts documents into fully searchable, indexed electronic images available in a variety of formats, including CD and DVD. The data created by Kinko's Services integrates easily into most software or database document management systems.
CONTACT: www.kinkos.com.

Legal Collections Management
Select Associates, Inc., a software and professional services provider for law firms, has released Version 1.3 of Collect, its comprehensive collections management application. Collect was designed to help law firms focus their collection efforts to minimize delinquent receivables and improve cash flow. The new version incorporates an easy-to-use tool called the Notices Editor to automate and enhance the generation of e-mail notifications, letters and statements. Collect also helps firms organize their efforts to maximize collections by automatically generating letters from user-defined templates.
CONTACT: (888) 243-0852; www.selectsa.com.

Intellectual Property E-Newsletter
TechnoLawyer has announced IP Memes, a new weekly e-mail newsletter focusing on emerging developments in technology-related intellectual property issues. The newsletter is being written by three highly regarded intellectual property lawyers: Kevin Grierson will cover memes relating to copyright and trademark law; Dennis Kennedy will cover memes that surface in scholarly writing and those that arise in the wake of cutting-edge technology; and Gail Standish will cover memes relating to patent law and trade secrets.
CONTACT: (917) 320-6572; www.technolawyer.com.

InteQ Corporation's InfraWatch delivers proactive 24-7 monitoring, notification, Web-based reporting and automated problem resolution for applications, Web sites and underlying infrastructure components. This subscription-based IT management service allows firms to increase the availability and performance of mission-critical business applications, while keeping staffing, maintenance and other costs at a minimum and letting them focus internal resources on the organization's core business. Learn more at www.inteqnet.com.

Video and Transcript Editing
YesVideo has released YesLaw, a new product that makes video editing as simple as highlighting text. It also enables more convenient, powerful use of video during discovery and at trial. YesLaw combines the transcripts (text from deposition) and the video footage with an embedded editing tool on one CD-ROM product. The YesEdit tool enables the user to quickly search the transcript by keyword, highlight the text of interest and save it as a clip for use in presentation. The footage can be easily used in conjunction with trial presentation programs such as Sanction or PowerPoint.
CONTACT: (877) 817-5375; www.yesvideo.com.

Oral Advocacy Book
West, a Thomson business, has published Supreme Court and Appellate Advocacy: Mastering Oral Argument, by David C. Frederick, with a foreword by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Frederick demonstrates how to prepare comprehensively for an argument, how to anticipate the types of questions commonly asked at oral argument, how to structure and craft an effective opening statement and how to use moot courts to perfect an advocate's presentation. The book provides numerous examples of best practices and avoidable errors, with comprehensive appendices of checklists and model arguments from actual cases. The chapter "Attributes of the Best Advocates" llustrates the most successful substantive approaches, speaking styles and ways of dealing with members of the Court.
CONTACT: (800) 313-WEST; http://lawschool.westgroup.com.

Patent & Trademark Digital Libraries
Cypheron Systems, LLC, has released Rapidpat Digital Libraries, network-ready customized patent and trademark information systems on CD and DVD. Rapidpat Digital Libraries offer firms fast, secure firmwide access to needed documents and IP information from their local networks or PCs. New compression technology achieves a 15:1 ratio of compression over standard formats. The libraries make available any range of patents and trademarks of the complete United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) collections, as well as 25 million non-U.S. patent documents. In addition, Rapidpat provides weekly and monthly Internet delivery of newly released USPTO patents and trademarks that meet the Digital Library profile. Prior art collections and other materials may be added, providing organizations with a private, one-stop system for accessing, sharing and delivering document copies internally and externally.
CONTACT: (201) 222-0026; www.rapidpat.com.

Packaging for Bulky Documents
Calumet Carton Company's new Expand-A-Mailer answers the need for safely packaging thick spiral-bound reports, court documents, testimony, transcriptions, contracts and other bulky items for shipment. Firms need no longer force multipage files, forms and booklets into two-dimensional envelopes. The Expand-A-Mailer widens up to 1 inch to avoid crumpling of pages and tearing of corners, thereby enhancing the appearance and condition of mailings upon their arrival.
CONTACT: (888) 889-7242; www.calumetcarton.com.

ONLINE ABA CLE-200 programs, 450+ credit hours
West LegalEdcenter now offers 200 online American Bar Association CLE programs on its Web site. This equates to approximately 450 hours of programming from the ABA. The programs are from ABA sections and CLE institutes, as well as from the ABA Annual Meeting programs. West LegalEdcenter offers users a comprehensive way to fulfill continuing education requirements, with more than 4,000 hours of approved online mandatory CLE from more than 75 leading state and national producers. The service's features include live webcasts and on-demand programs, video and audio formats, downloadable copies of program materials and handouts, and links from online program materials to related documents on Westlaw.
CONTACT: www.westgroup.com.

Storm M. Evans ( lpm-newproducts@abanet.org) is a practice support consultant at P.O. Box 27370, Philadelphia, PA 19118-0370. She is the author of the ABA book Time Matters® in One Hour for Lawyers ( www.abanet.org/lpm/catalog).