Quiz: Can You Do It Yourself?

o Who will install the system? You may have the in-house capability to install the system yourself. It depends on what system you purchase. Every CMS program is different. Most firms, though, choose to have their CMS developer, or their sales consultant, handle the installation, implementation, customization and training.

o Who will maintain the system? Depending on the system's complexity, you may be able to maintain it internally. For example, if the system is SQL driven, many firms already have other SQL server systems in place and can use the same staff to maintain the CMS program. In any event, make sure you purchase a maintenance and support agreement from the CMS developer, to ensure that you get the latest updates and receive technical support.

o Is there a long learning curve? It depends on the system you purchase and the computer literacy level of those using the system. Those who can use CMS "out of the box" are few and far between. Many users have a hard time grasping the concept of a "CMS-centric" desktop, as opposed to the "word processing-centric" desktop that they are accustomed to. Putting together a grand overview of the new system and comparing it to how the firm currently works typically plays well with users during CMS training and implementation.